Ishook – eBooks with Social Media all in One

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Ishook – eBooks with Social Media all in One


What is Ishook and how does it Work?

Ishook – eBooks with Social Media all in One, is the one of the few (among the first) content sharing ecosystem on the blockchain to connect and attach content creators to their audiences, it is trying to improve its singular network to give easy access to the digital content and, as a consequence, increase content creators’ visibility.

The truth is that it’s easy to understand what Ishook is trying to do. It will provide a singular social network access between authors and their audiences instead of having content creators lost under a gathering of distribution networks and some social media channels. All that will be done while leveraging the blockchain technology to ensure rich content is delivered to the users.

What advantages does our platform bring?

  • It’s going to include a mobile application.
  • The Ishook application will have notifications to inform their users of any promotional offers.
  • The content creators are going to be able to manage their own accounts.
  • The content creators will have the capability to receive additional royalties for their content in the form of Ishook content.
  • All the content creators will have access to an extensive advertising network within Ishook for the content promotion and of course, for the exposure.
  • The users will have discounts on both contents released by the content creators and some of the thems listed in the e-commerce store.
  • Through a contract with the platform, the platform will take care of any discount established by any author.
  • The user will have private access to Q&A hosted by the content creator that the user chooses.
  • Also, they will have the ability to name their price on content when it’s released for free by a content creator.
  • Every user is going to be able to achieve a fully fleshed out genetic criticism through a full form of authorial intent.
  • The content author/creator will be able to charge both a spectator and the engagement salary to be paid peer-to-peer in Ishook tokens.
  • It has a blogging platform; this platform acts as an aggregator just to serve all its users appealing and in fact engaging.


Details on platform

For the tokens, holders will be able to use their tokens to make some purchases.

There is another important aspect of this platform, supplies. Ishook token will have a complete fixed supply of one billion tokens, their fixed supply will circulate through the multiple functions on the platforms, and it will definitely be used by Ishook to have access to features outlined.

Ishook is working with to accept an extensive range of cryptocurrencies.

This brand new platform is an incredible innovation that includes cryptocurrencies, books and mobile apps, things that in this era are highly relevant.

Token specification and ICO details:

Token name:  iShook

Token ticker: SHK

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  1,000,000,000 SHK tokens

ICO start date: N/A

ICO end date:  N/A

ICO Rate of token:  1000 SHK = 1 ETH

Minimum purchase in ICO: 0.1 ETH

Token distribution details:

Token sale: 57%

Locked in SHK wallet: 36%

Vendor payment: 3 %

Advisors: 3.5%

Bounties: 0.5%

Roadmap of project SHK

ishookinc roadmap

Contact Link :









Note: you can join iShook bounty here on bountyhive.

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