InvestFeed Review – A Social Investment Network [Updated 2020]

Last Updated on August 7, 2020 by CryptoCreed

At the current moment, InvestFeed is a social trading platform for increasing US equities. InvestFeed has more than 140,00 twitter followers it is a platform to democratize the financial markets. InvestFeed available on desktop and mobiles with getting add in iOS and Android. investfeed airdrop

Where to buy InvestFeed?

Huobi is the best place to buy InvestFeed.

Savvy stock investors have the opportunity to show their real-time stock trades, strategies, and portfolios with other new or existing investors. New investors can learn from existing investors and improve their records and knowledge. Invested remove unnecessary expenses from a simple and inexpensive process. There no need to pay any article subscription, to brokers, advisors and etc.

InvestFeed aims to grow a ” community of users that echoes our philosophy”. This is a platform for believers who believe in open, full transparency and rewards based on everyone who joins these contributors or financial institutions. investfeed airdrop.

InvestFeed is a special build for the cryptocurrency community who loves social networking and trading market, this will enable users to make effective relationships, users learn from other users, can manage their wallets and exchange ideas. investfeed wallet.

InvestFeed’s Social network app was available for Android and iOS on their particular app stores. And already more than 15k users are registered most of them are experienced traders. The contributors will get earn FEED by sharing their portfolios, trades, and premium content. Free users can earn free FEED by comments, likes, shares, and retweets. investfeed wallet.

In simple words, InvestFeed is a peer 2 peer platform where users can post their thoughts, share a post, like a post, and can earn a reward in FEED token to increase more engagement on the post you need to spend more FEED token. investfeed airdrop.

InvestFeed Features

Social Networking: Like other social networking sites for example. Twitter  InvestFeed is the same, on InvestFeed site users can create accounts and can build their profile by adding their strategy, performance, networking, career profile, company profile, and much more. Users can chat in real-time. Earn Investfeed coin by liking, sharing, and commenting posts. investfeed airdrop.

Live Streaming Feeds and Channels: For current as well as upcoming cryptocurrencies users can watch live streaming of all these feeds and channels. Users can write posts in the stream of up to 500 words. Also sharing audio or video into multimedia in-stream is available. InvestFeed Review

Current CryptoCurrency Status: On the user’s homepage you can find live charts that show the exclusive price of coins. Altcoins price is also available there so you don’t need to check the current price of CryptoCoins elsewhere. InvestFeed Review

Wallet and Exchange Integration: By using third party integration investfeed token allow users to place trades on the platform using their favorite crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other exchanges, and wallets are allowed. investfeed bitcointalk

1 ETH equals to 10,000 InvestFeed Token

The token sale will start on 23rd July 2017 and will end on  7th august 2017. FEED’s token IFT was there or ERC20 based investfeed token. The minimum collection target was fixed on 1500 ETH and the maximum cap is 28,000 ETH. At the time of writing InvestFeed ICO raised 8379 ETH. If crowd sales get failed all funds will get refunded to investors. Five percent of the total tokens will distribute between core team members. Two percent for advisors and two percent for a marketing campaign. Click here to get more information on Bounty Campaign. investfeed bitcointalk,. InvestFeed Review.

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