ImpactChoice Launches Earth Token ICO

Earth Token

Earth Token

Earth Token ICO launched by ImpactChoice, it is a one of the leading software provider for environmental sustainability. Earth Token is a Ethereum based blockchain ERC20 standard token. Climate is the major factor which affect economy of any country sometime it put under wealth any country. Factories need pure and stable environment for work and individuals also need same. Many organization and companies tried to stable environment but they may failed or not get succeed.

Earth token platform provides unique opportunity to truly transform the Natural Capital Asset market by the help of Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and Earth token cryptocurrency. The Natural capital asset class is estimated to be worth in excess of USD120$ trillion of untapped and undervalued. And some specific assets sort of divestment from fossil fuels is estimated to reach 5$ trillion in 2017. Stakeholders may also able to package assets with value added services to create customized offerings catering to new market.

Earth token platform is unlocking an undervalued asset class. With blockchain technology this platform works more efficiently. As natural capital of whole worlds stock of natural resources exist of more than 120 trillion US dollar but yet there are no proper and transparent mechanism exists to connect producers of natural assets with business, consumers or loT devices. There are some benefits of blockchain on earth token platform are  mention by Earth Token whitepaper.

By using Blockchain on Earth Token, it provides a free, open, transparent and universally accessible platform connecting buyers to producers. Find and defeat fraud and double counting of natural assets. Provides flexible pricing mechanism. Less or no registration fee. Low complexity to currency exchange rate. Uses as aescrow. Eliminating transaction volumes and much more.


The impactchoice’s Carbon Mitigation Solution is an elegant approach to compensating for negative environmental impact.  The whitepaper of platform says thet The ImpactChoice is working since 2009. For simplicity and for the sake of illustration purposes ImpactChoice uses hospitality industry. Clients engagement begins with calculating the per room night carbon equivalent footprint.

Earth Token’s Crowdsale Details:

Earth Token Name: Earth Token

Token Ticker or Symbol: Earth

Token Based: Ethereum ERC20

Number of Tokens Issued: 1 Billion EARTH

Crowdsale Start Date: 23 October 2017

Crowdsale Ends Date: Ends after 21 days

Crowdsale Rates:

Pre-ICO: 5200/0.1 BTC or 1 ETH (+30% bonus)

ICO:         Stage 1: 4800 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH (20% bonus)
Stage 2: 4400 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH (10% bonus)
Stage 3: 4000 per 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH

Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH or 0.1 BTC

Currency use to purchase: Bitcoin and Ethereum

Usage of Funds: Usage of funds are distributed in Tier’s in 1st tier 40,000 ETH will use for Natural Asset Exchanges developemtns, deployment and company funding to support development and growth of public platform. For second tier 200,000 ETH will be hard cap which use for Establishment of projects and strategic acquisitions investment fund and associated investments.

For security of funds raised in Crowdsale will be stored in multi-sig walllets.


Company details:

Organisation Name: impactChoice Ltd
Date of Incorporation: 17 April 2009
Registration Number: 087692 C1/GBL
Financial Year: 1 July to 30 June
Registered Address: Level 3, Alexander House, 35 Cybercity, Ebene 72201, Mauritius
Audit and Tax Filing partner: Margeot and Associates

Contact Details: