IMMLA- International MultiModal Logistic Application

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IMMLA stands for International MultiModal Logistic Application, It is the first multimodal logistic service and provides a decentralized platform for multimodal transportation.

Moving cargos from one place to another place is not always safe. When it comes to the foreign trade of cargos, the transporter has to follow major safety and create a crucial environment if any damage occurs.

IMMLA project was launched with the aim of providing simple, clear, and convenient interaction between the owners of cargos or goods and the transporter on every stage of the freight transport by using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

By using blockchain technology in transportation, can build trust between transporter and cargo owners, and reduce the cost of work. Or we can say it is a revolution in the transportation sector with security and confidentiality throughout the whole supply chain.

Problems Faced by Logistics:

According to one research on US base, the transport and logistics sector losses in economic crime around 8 to 30 billion USD, by accepting IMMLA this problem came to solve. Also, almost 20 percent of cargo’s are uninsured.

Risk of Hidden Damage: Sometimes cargo gets damaged when it was available with freighters, they try to hide that damage and they get success in it. The cargo gets submitted to another chain to supply to owners. Sometimes it is not possible to demand compensation in a court on defected cargo, because they don’t know who exactly is responsible for this.

Tax Evasion Risk: If the tax regulator has doubts about any party for tax evasion, a cargo gets withdrawn or frozen.

Insurance Risk: To save small amounts most of the companies not taking insurance on cargo damage.

Currency Risk: The currency may differ from country to country, by taking advantage of this situation logistic companies forced to complement contracts with overcharging fees.

The Solution Will Come With The IMMLA

By using blockchain technology, IMMLA has already removed the problem of speed interrogation between Transportation and The Companies.

Risk of Hidden Damage: By using Blockchain Technology cargo owners can know the status of his cargo. To locate the location of the cargo Online GPS will use.

Tax and Currency Risk: The payment will be paid through IMMLA tokens so there’s no need to pay extra tax and exchange price.

Insurance Related Problem: Automatic cargo insurance covers insurance on both cargo and transportation.

Main Features of IMMLA

Confidence and reliability: IMMLA’s financial condition, the decentralized system guarantees to pay payment to the carrier’s, and the same side guarantees to the cargo owners of safe delivery and insurance of cargo.

Shipments terms, the current position of cargo, its status at the time of transfer of responsibility between different carriers are securely saved in blockchain, which can’t change by any third party.

IMMLA saves your money: The Dutch auction of carriers offers the best transportation cost. Using this platform will reduce the number of idle trips. The rating system, cargo owners who have a high rating within the system get credits and saves their current assets.

It’s easy to use: Platform has user-friendly mobile and desktop interface. Fully automated transportation and workflow, no need to use any third party service. Easy to track where is your cargo online with the help of GPS. End to end bill of lading  so all practices are able to see the full transportation history.

IMMLA would launch two crowdsale stages, Pre-ICO and ICO. IMMLA has announced 226,736,000 IML tokens based on Ethereum blockchain. IML tokens will only be accepted on the inner platform as payment tools.

Pre-ICO Details:

Pre-ICO Start Date: 15th July 2017

Pre-ICO End Date: 30th July 2017

1ETH: 5200 IML

Offering Size: 2747 ETH or 500k USD

Tokens will be Sold in Pre-ICO: 14,284,400

ICO Detail:

Pre-ICO Start Date: 15th Sept 2017

Pre-ICO End Date: 15th Oct 2017

1ETH: 3640 IML

Offering Size: 46718 ETH or 12.1 M USD

Tokens will be Sold in Pre-ICO: 170,052,000 IMMLA Token

If Cowdsale can’t reach the minimum cap of  150K USD otherwise all funds will refund to participants.

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