Horizon – Cutting Edge Decentralized Wireless Infrastructure for the Caribbean

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Horizon will utilize LTE to provide services of high-speed ISP to Caribbean people. The horizon services may provide up to 150 Mbps internet speed in 2018 and more than 300 Mbps internet speed in late 2018/2019. Horizon will not only provide high speed internet service, but it will also provide high definition (HD) TV services and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services. These services may get launch in Bermuda in late 2018 after successfully raising minimum capital through ICO. It may expand its services in other central American countries includes Caribbean.

Horizon aims to provide its services to 95% of Bermuda’s regions. This target may get achieve in the next 5 months. The projects need at least 15% of the Bermuda market within 4 to 5 years, to maintain retail stores, social media, and D2D Marketing. Horizon will utilize the antiquated copper network to cover 400 miles of cables which requires a number of employees. To receive a high speed of internet consumers have to install antenna but if customers are living within 2 miles of Horizons tower, so customers don’t need to install any antenna.

This project will use Blockchain technology in different ways:



    1. currencies. Horizons will also accept payments in fiat

currency but payments which will be paid in crypto

    the currency will get a discount.

  1. Payroll- Employees and contractors will get payment in crypto.
  2. Storage of Data- Horizon will integrate technologies like Storj and Filecoin in the customer portal to provide decentralized high storage.
  3. VPN Services- Horizon will build a VPN solution to customers’ internet services. These services will be based on Mysterium and Privatix.
  4. Reinvestment into other projects- Horizon planned to reinvest the earning into Blockchain companies and ICO’s which can provide benefits to the Horizon company and token buyers.

Horizon is ready for any future failure. Horizon has planned for backup powers in case any urgency occurs. Horizon has

x2 APC Smart-UPS On-Line 10kW

x1 1700 AMP hour battery cells

x2 60kw diesel generators

2 weeks of on-site fuel storage.

Horizon’s Fixed Wireless Technology has checked and demo is available in Vancouver of Canada, this demo was performed in 2016. This test was impressive and the network works to near 15 to 20 miles range. This demo has one disadvantage and it was that the system was unable to work with cellular technology. This demo was checked by founder Gilbert A Darrell.

RoadMap of Horizon

2018 Q1 = Presale

2018 Q1-Q2 = Mail Sale

2018 Q1 = Startup in Bermuda, equipment ordering, staff onboarding

2018 Q2 = Deployment of Team to BVI

2018 Q3 = BDA begin onboarding, large companies, and govt contracts

2018 Q4 = BVI network online and customer onboarding

2018 Q4 = BDA  cell phone and expansion starts

2019 Q1 = Deployment of the team in 1st central American country.

Token specification and ICO details

Token ticker: HRZN

Token supply: 100,000,000

Token type: ERC20

ICO start date: TBA

ICO end date: TBA

Minimum purchase: 0.15 ETH= 150 HRZN

Token distribution details

Total token supply: 100,000,000 HRZN

Pre sale: 10,000,000 ( 10% )

ICO: 60,000,000 ( 60% )

Team: 16,000,000 ( 16% )

Company: 10,000,000 ( 10% )

Bounty: 3,000,000 ( 3% )

Charity: 1,000,000 ( 1% )

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