Make Money while Playing [SCAM][Updated 2020]

Last Updated on August 8, 2020 by CryptoCreed announced the initial coin offering date on  20 June 2017 and it will end on 20 July 2017, it takes for a total of one month. has already completed a successful Presale. teams developing a suitable platform that allows both individual players and team to compete in any sports games such as DOTA2, League of Legends, Call of Duty and etc. has its own artificial intelligence to analyze games.

Do you want to earn money while enjoying your daily games? Yes, It is possible by joining platform, this platform will pay their users while playing your favorite games.  To stop hackers and cheaters, every user who wants to play games on  need to provide Know Your Customer or KYC. If you find as cheaters then you will get Ban and it is not resolvable.

Sometimes, game lovers face fraud attempts in-game while upgrading their accounts or in other stuff.  But on you don’t need to worry because this platform accepts payment in digital currencies, so it avoids credit card frauds. The payment will be based on Ethereum Blockchain decentralized transactions. This makes fast payment, sure transaction, and smart contracts. using their own artificial intelligence, this analyze every single game, users can accept these report or file a complaint while playing or already finished games.

On  OS independent E-sport platform players can enjoy their favorite game and can earn some money. Using this platform is very simple. Players need to have GGS tokens to play platform supported game, users can buy this token from site or from exchanges. Then send the tokens to the smart-contract of the specified game. If you do your best then you will get all other gamer’s tokens. You can exchange this coin with other cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

The team members of are from Hungary, Malta, and Mainland China with lots of experience in the blockchain business. In the team, there are very experienced CS: GO and DOTA2 players, which helps the team in developing the platform.

 ZSOLT RÉTHÁTI: He is CEO and Founder of platform. He completed his graduation from King Sigismund University in economics and Human Resources.

DRAZSEN BLÁZSEV: A full-time developer in  Node.js from 2014, also he is a computer science engineer and joins this team as a developer.

AKOS SALAI: He is Blockchain and mining expert also has 1600 PCs mining farm.


Presale price, 850 GGS per ETHEREUM

The Initial Coin Offering was already started on 20 June 2017 and will end on 20 July 2017 or after 2 days from now. Till now this ICO has already sold 735,825.44 tokens and has raised 1038.8 Ether. Fifty percent funds will be distributed to Tech development and UI, Twenty percent to sales and marketing, fifteen percent to general and administrative, and the remaining ten percent will reserve for Misc. Bounty Campaigns, 20 percent or 150,000 tokens of total crowdsale tokens will be allocated to bounty distribution. For helpers, promoters and supporters started bounty campaign rewards will distribute within them. Click here to join the bounty campaign.


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