Geeba – Disruptive Delivery Ecosystem of Decentralized Hubs & Robots

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Geeba, Delivery is the most important department in the e-commerce industry! It’s the final segment of the goods delivery journey where parcel is transported from a warehouse to the final consumer. It’s a costly & resource intensive piece of goods/parcel delivery. Subsequently, Geeba is a decentralized delivery community that empowers organizations to operate deliveries with self-ruling vehicles & smart center points. The high costs, lack of productivity & demand for deliveries today empowers GBA to acquaint another approach with the business by enabling the e-commerce industry to effectively take an interest in the evolution through utilizing blockchain.

Target Market

Along these lines, Geeba will be essentially focusing on logistics suppliers & couriers. In any case, given shared operational needs & client profiles, e-commerce retailers will speak to an auxiliary target market for Geeba with the end goal that all objective economic situations take after the key differentiators: Last mile delivery, medium to the lightweight parcel and the second day and express delivery span.

Geeba Aim

Geeba is building up a decentralized ecosystem empowering organizations to chop down costs of local deliveries fueled by blockchain, self-ruling vehicles & smart hubs. The ecosystem acts as a growth enabler agent to engage retailers & provide limitless scale opportunity to shippers with a network driven approach.

The benefits of Geeba to Retailers

  • Higher ability to adapt to the delivery request
  • Integrated administrations with improved customer experience
  • Innovative inventory network

The benefits of Geeba to CONSUMERS

  • City-friendly conveyance
  • Flexible administration
  • Improved customer experience

The benefits of Geeba to SHIPPERS

  • Economy and innovation to facilitate fleets versatility
  • Access to demand compatible with self-ruling vehicles capacity
  • Alliances to help with regulators to secure operation licenses


Geeba Phases

  • Phase One: Deployment of local e-commerce  delivery  service  powered  by  Geeba  semi-autonomous  vehicles  and  smart  hubs
  • Phase Two: Deployment of exceptionally self-sufficient vehicles & e-commerce platform
  • Phase Three: Opening the Geeba platform for shippers to enroll their autonomous vehicles & smart hubs

Operational Model & Processes

Geeba will give a robotized local delivery service comprising of express, same day or booked orders for little & medium size parcel to a destination inside the Netherlands controlled by restrictive programming & hardware. During the Phase one of the procedure, the inter-urban delivery service will be empowered through self-sufficient vehicles which comprise of a fleet of autonomous ground & ethereal robots. GBA imagines a future where autonomous vehicles including drones will convey close to 100% of X2C & 80% everything being equal.


Geeba Ecosystem, incorporated as a BV organization (“GBA”), is the official entity that makes the GBA tokens, platform & innovations. Geeba is centered on discharging open source cryptographic innovations that work the GBA ecosystem.

For the shirking of uncertainty, the GBA tokens don’t provide token holders with any possession or other enthusiasm for Geeba. Token holders are not qualified for any ensured type of dividends, income disseminations, & voting rights.

To end up an ecosystem member, the client must create an account on the Geeba mobile & web application. Amid the registration, the system will make a client profile and a wallet. The wallet will safeguard all information in the decentralized database which Interfaces with different parties, using smart contracts.

Geeba will effectively plan to have its token listed on cryptographic token trades, giving a chance to transparently get them (to residents of nations where the buy of digital tokens does not disregard local laws).

GBA Token specification and ICO details:

Token type: ERC20

ICO start date:  10/06/2018

ICO end date: 12/01/2018

Hard cap: 28,000,000 USD

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.1  USD

Min purchase: 1000 GBA

Accepting: BTC, ETH, BCH

Bonus up to 25%

GBA Token distribution details:

ICO: 70%

Team: 10%

Advisor: 5%

Bounty: 2%

Bonus & affiliate: 13%

Contact Link:







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