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Crowdfunding is the best way to get funds to start any projects. In the last several years, Initial Coin Offering is the most popular way to get sufficient funds to starts new projects. Initial Coin Offering is supporting financially for growing up new startups. In the meantime, crowdfunding based projects raised 200 million in 2016. FundYourselfNow is a new platform where project creators and promoters can raise funds for their projects by utilizing cryptocurrency without having any technical knowledge.

FundYourselfNow is a revolutionizing crowdfunding platform that utilizes cryptocurrencies to raise funds for projects using blockchain technology. FundYourSelfNow intent to modify the crowdfunding community by using the latest blockchain technologies and crypto coins.

FundYourSelfNow aims are to implement a milestone-based funding system by utilizing blockchain and ethereum smart contracts. These platform’s system gives control to bakers for their funds which invested in the crowd sale. Allow users to vote to stop or delay to proceed payments for the projects whose promises are not met so here backers are safe.

If Backers wants back their invested money then they can vote against it and the funds which was founded in the smart contract will be refunded to participants of projects. This is how a milestone-based funding system works using Bitcoin and Ethereum smart contracts.

There are many crowdfunding projects that failed to raised minimum funds, because of less expertise and lack of knowledge. Sometimes project creators were not enough skilled to complete projects. Most projects are launched without doing any homework on projects. Also, there are many big crowdfunding projects get failed because of the low marketing efforts, bounty campaigns are the best way to promote and attract investors to join projects.

Creators think they can save money by not launching any marketing campaigns but in the end they get failed to achieve minimum cap because of low marketing efforts. Words of the project should share in every country or in language so more and more people get attracted, people get attracted by analyzing the efforts of the team on the promotion of the project. On Fund Yourself Now project creators may ask for any type of help from the community for their projects or the projects which they think launch. Those who help the creators will get rewarded with Bounty credits, which can be exchanged with project Tokens if project crowdfunding will available. These tokens are convertible to other virtual currencies, in internal cryptocurrency exchange.

Transaction fees are the most crucial problem in the traditional crowdfunding platform. Most of the crowdfunding platforms face the problem of high transaction fees and listing fees, some platforms are taking up to 9 percent of the amount raised in crowd sale of the project. But here on Fund Yourself Now transaction fees is nil creators don’t need to any fee on transferring. And for every successful project fundraising, they charge 5 percent as a listing fee. For example, any project has the amount of 10000 USD it needs to pay 5 percent listening fees, five percent equals 500 USD.

The FYN Token holders are eligible for participants in the distribution of  70 percent of the profits which was taken from the FYN platform. This distribution will held via a token buyback program. This free distribution will be held every 6 months. The rest of the 30 percent will be reserved with the company to develop in the future for the company.

The more tokens you hold more benefits you can get. The top 100 token holders will get free entry in FYN VIP exclusive club, must sure you are in top 100 token holders. The benefits are available for VIP members is, they can buy into upcoming promising projects on Fund YourselfNow at a discount rate, in their pre-sale period.

In the next stage, FYN is planning to work with creators to give additional bonuses in their project tokens for backers who participating with their FYN tokens. This also helps in increasing demand of FYN tokens, the example given in FYN whitepaper, If 100 Million USD is raised on any projects in their crowd sale and if 20 percent of their fund is in FYN tokens, that means 20 million of FYN tokens are available from exchanges market.

The main risk for FundYourselfNow is to get add effective and original quality projects to get listed on the platform and attract reliable backers to use our platform to back projects they find interesting. To avoid this loss from the FYN side, FYN has decided to devoted a majority of funding to business development and marketing to attract more creators with projects, backers, and project helpers are needed. Without effective and meaningful good projects and active backers on the FYN platform, resulting in a decrease in the value of Coin and the company will suffer from revenue and profits.

FundYourSelfNow ICO was already started on 13th June 2017 and it will end on 31st July 2017. There was only one bonus for early birds, the person who will buy FYN tokens between 13th and 4The July will get 20 percent bonus, almost one week and the exchange rate is 120 FYN for 1 ETHEREUM and after 4th July 1 ETHEREUM for 120 FYN. FYN ICO accepts only ETH as a deposit payment.

The Crowdsale price for FYN token: 100 FYN Token = 1 ETH

The minimum fundraising target is 1.5 million USD. If FundYourSelfNow ICO failed to raise minimum funds all tokens will be refunded to participants.

Sixty percent or 7.5 million of total FYN tokens will be distributed to crowd sale. Twenty percent to Founders and Employees or team. 12 percent will reserve for Bounty campaigns and 8 percent will reserve for future development.

Jack Ser is a founder of Fund YourSelf now. Jack has experience in Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, and Fintech sectors. He is nationally recognized by the Singapore Business Advisor and Consultant Council, where he won 2015 the 2015 Management Consultant of the Year award. He is also the founder of Pinnacle DIgital. Zhang Junyi is the core ethereum and smart contract developer with 7 years of experience in vetting and development of cryptographic solutions and have experience in cluster management and hardware acceleration.

Carlos Salas is an advisor of FYN. He is the co-founder of Nogle Pte LTD. in Taiwan. He was worked as CEO at a successful dragon international. He gets awarded in 2006 as Top 40 lawyers under 40 from Latin lawyers association, Argentina. More details about the team and advisors can be founded on the website.


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