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The British financial holding company PROFIT INTELLIGENCE LIMITED has launched own constant ICO as part of the Profit Foundation project on 30 June 2019.

The project is unique in its approach to attracting investment and implementing the planned stages of development, as well as high reliability. The development of the project takes place in front of investors.
A big main thing for investors is a high level of security of invested funds, due to the quick return of invested money, and with additional receiving an acceptable level of income provided by company work. Thus, there are no risks that the developed token will not pay for itself in the future, upon sale. What really is the key, decisive moment for the investor. At the moment, tokens can only be obtained by investing in the framework of the Profit Foundation project.

PROFIT INTELLIGENCE LIMITED is a financial service holding company, the main activity of which is capital management. The company conducts investment, management, innovation and marketing activities. It takes capital into management invests (the company is not limited to any specific investment areas, the main priority of the company is to search for reliable sources of income, short- and long-term, among all areas available for investment). Most often, the company operates with financial markets, including cryptocurrency markets, and can also carry out and already carries investment activities of any kind, from investments in construction or development, ending with franchises and private transactions. The company carefully weighs the risks for each deal, supplementing its analysis with an analysis of the artificial intelligence it develops.

Profit Foundation is a project of the PROFIT INTELLIGENCE LIMITED company. It is a digital investment fund based on a living community and artificial intelligence using blockchain technology and with a vector of continuous development.

Profit Foundation is also a profitable tool being developed by the company, which is constantly improving. The project allows not only to carry out a macro-collaboration of investments at the global level, but also to implement promising developments to solve the pressing problems of our time in the field of economics, society, and technology. Thanks to the development of its own profitable tools such as:

PFC cryptocurrency itself, as well as future and current token sales, both in the format of the Profit Foundation investment platform and in the format of a possible IEO. The token value grows with the growth and development of all platforms. Access to the platform will be available only for token holders. The PFC cryptocurrency is the key to the system, as well as a profitable instrument as an economic asset that is already being sold in our ICO and potentially can be tradable in the markets, after the release and development of its own exchange, or listing on other exchanges;
– Exchanger – for convenient exchange, including and PFC, for popular electronic money;
– Exchange – a trading platform that includes both the ability to trade by PFC itself and trade in many other directions;
– Digital Bank is a digital financial and credit platform that provides financial services to both individuals and legal entities. This can be both lending and support for electronic payments, especially with the use of PFC cryptocurrency, thereby realizing crypto-acquiring;
– Research Center – the study of urgent problems of modern society, economics and technology and the development of their solutions.

Profit Foundation project has an active official international Telegram community chat:

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