Ethersphere – Social Ethereum Based Games SCAM

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Updated: It is A SCAM Project

Nowadays Fair play games are made possible on the Ethereum network, because of it’s great features like anonymity and smart contract’s straight forward rules all these functions of Blockchain networks made possible for Fair play games. Blockchain networks ensure players or users for the safety of their money and anonymity on games. EtherSphere, to develop players and the whole system on games ethere sphere using smart contracts blockchain network.

EtherSphere is a web-based decentralized application that includes a unique feature a reward pool system. In this reward pool system and a jackpot, every round constantly runs for 12 hours. Bid’s placed by player’s form a big pool by the end of each round. players have just top enter their wallet to enter and to get a chance to win the jackpot. Users may ask help or can chat with other users in their collaboration box.

The total bids of including all participants must be at least equal’s to the reward pool, hence all gains will be zero. It requires players to give up their shares, which will distribute between all other players ( only participated players) equally. It also ensures that the jackpot will close near to the threshold. By making Bid’s limited safety of players may available, so losses of users get minimized. Also, players do not get disappointed with the game for playing in the future.

Gas, this word is every vital for Ethereum based platform and ethereum users, because sending Ethereum from wallets are depending on the Gas price of transactions. Sometimes Gas costs are not affordable for players, even for premium players. To prove that game is scalable, it is necessary to ensure gas costs are independent of the numbers of the players. Gas costs are high can avoid players to play the games. Hence to achieve this gas efficiency, ether sphere will record all intermediate information necessary to perform computation but without executing actual performance itself. Check below image to know about gas efficiency:


RoadMap for EtherSphere, the roadmap was created for pointing out problems and develop this platform more and more. From Pilot test in May and June to developing multi sphere platform in Aug 2018.

Initial Coin Offering will start on 28th July and end on 27th Aug 2017.

Check price table for crowd sale, how much you have to pay for SPHERE token:


EtherSpher’s token was based on Ethereum blockchain ( ERC20 ), it is known as Sphere or SPR tokens. Below is detail about tokens issuing in crowd sale or ICO. Tokens holders who have owns 5,000 tokens of total tokens will be entitled to 5,000/1,00,00,00*22,000=110 ETHER of total reserves. Each Sphere (SPR) token is entitled to fees from games and reserves stored in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The future games with are going to releases are Alliance sphere and other games which are based on SPR tokens. Allocations of tokens will be in the following ways, total tokens will be created are 15,421,875 tokens. 80% of total tokens will be allocated to crowd sale, the remaining 10-10% will be equally distributed to bounties and developers of platform and related.


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