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EcoStart Review – Financing Environmental Projects

Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Blockchain leading technology in the current era and at the same time global warming/environment problems are also increasing at the same speed. Day by day these problems are getting larger. Many individuals, organizations, and NGOs tried to do something for the environment but because of the lack of funds or other factors. The blockchain is the newest and fastest-growing and accepting technology ever. The blockchain is the thing by which anyone can do anything. 

Blockchain technology can handle any projects in transparently. There are many projects based on Environments which requires good guideline to keep running their projects and protecting the environment.  Ecostart is the project which the current generation needs to keep defeat current problems of economics.  Ecostart is the public distributed cryptographic platform. Ecostart will help DEV’s to create their own applications and software solutions in open blockchain projects. 

The process of how ECO START works:

The ECOStart will be integrated on the websites (the marketplace sites). Investors can find projects related to the environment for investments.  New startups can easily collect funds for their projects. The rating can be left by both investors and projects so everyone can know about the previous experiences of people with the project. Experts’ advice can be provided on the platform. The project is free from intermediaries, there will be no intermediaries so there will be no problem with intermediaries. The whole project and the task will be completed transparently. How many funds raised by projects are viewable by everyone. Support will be available for 24/7. 

Some of the services provided by Ecostart

It is a unique and innovative project for the global market for economic-related projects. Ecostart has its own token is called TECO with the generation of Proof of Importance.

Crypto Messenger: There is a chat channel for users on a platform built on P2P technology. This will help in communicating participants with project owners.  

Decentralized Investment Ecological Fund:  The fund on the project was handled by a smart contract. The funds are safe with decentralized handling.

Open API: Ecostart provides an open API for unlimited opportunities for individuals and business firms. Anyone can run their ideas in their APP through API.

Crypto Lottery:  The project has a crypto lottery to play.

Motivation system for volunteers: Incentive system has been implemented to the platform. 

Bounty campaign: Users can earn free TER tokens from bounty campaigns by promoting Eco-start projects were they can (e.g. Article, Facebook, Twitter, Signature, or making youtube videos). 

Funds and Token Distribution

Tokens distributions as follow

59% Crowdsale

16% Team

12% Partners

10% Miners and Masternodes

2% Bounty

1% Reserve

Funds distribution as follow

45% Marketing and advertising (PR and articles includes)

30% For software and project development (includes smart contract and hiring devs)


Tokens and ICO details

Token name:  EcoToken

Token ticker: TER

Total tokens: 210 Million

Token price: 0.07$ in pre-ico and 0.1$ in the main ico per TER

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)

Minim purchase: 100 TER

Payment method: ETH (Ethereum)

Bonus up to: 50%

Smart contact address: (make sure to verify from their officials).

For the team and other details related to the project visit their website or whitepaper. The links are given below.

Contact Link:








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