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DocTailor – Self Customizing Smart Legal Contract Platform [2020]

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DocTailor is bridging the gap between the trillion-dollar crypto-economy market. According to the whitepaper, DocTailor is a first self customizing legal smart contract platform. DocTailors’s smart contract allows lawyers, individuals, and organizations to send and create tailor-made smart contracts and agreements on the blockchain. DocTailor platform allows deploying legal documents with the help of smart contract feature on DocTailors for developers. This is a unique project in own.

DocTailor ICO Objectives:

What DocTailor wants to achieve?

Improve accessibility of customized smart contracts and boost ease of development of smart contracts, acquisition, and distribution.

DocTailor aims to offer a platform where users can store, receive, and send both crypto and fiat currencies.

Facilitate use of the DocTailor  tokens (DOCT) or other cryptos

Using P2P, B2B, and B2C as per needs.

Manage and monitor deployed smart contracts and blockchain.


Some people think there is no need of launching DocTailor. But they are may thinking this because they are not aware of the problems which the current market is facing.  Many people are not aware of Blockchain technology too. Some marketers are saying blockchain will become mainstream within 10 years and some are saying it will take more than 20 years to accept Blockchain. DocTailor ICO.

Current technology used by people is limited. Currently, technology developers are focusing on online exchanges and wallets and few smart contract services. Smart contract services demand increased in the first three months of 2016 worth 116$ million. For now, the demand for such services is limited but in the near future, it may increase twice or thrice.

Creating such a project needs huge time and money. As per DocTailor ‘s whitepaper average cost is up to 750$ to create basic smart contracts. As per one research, deploying smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain required 14 seconds.

DocTailor is a long term solution for these problems. DocTailor is steps to take Blockchain technology in the mainstream. DocTailor allows users to ease access to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts. DocTailor platform also allow to use third party API integration for customizing smart contracts. doctailor airdrop.

Platform Revenue Streams

DocTailor will be eligible to access some awesome features like ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG). (DocTailor ICO) DOCT tokens can be used to purchase tailor-made legal documents. The person who will use DocTailor’s token will be awarded extra incentives.

Users can earn money on the DocTailor platform by sharing their files. Files are for e.g. agreements and smart contracts on the platform with other users who wants.

Token holders will get 5% of total revenue from the platform, this will distribute every quarter.

Token and ICO specification

Total supply – 500M DOCT

Tokensale plus bonuses – 350M DOCT

Blockchain – Ethereum

Payment method ICO – BTC and ETH

ICO rate (changeable) – 2700 DOCT per 1ETH

ICO start date – 31st March 2018


DocTailor Team

Sam Enrico Williams – Founder and CEO, LinkedIn & Twitter

Dominic Brown – COO, LinkedIn

Alexandrine Masse – Sr Legal Officer, LinkedIn

Saffron Weale – CMO, LinkedIn

Marco Zaratta – Italian Legal Counsel, LinkedIn

For more details about team members visit the official website and redirect to the team menu.

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