Digital Developers Fund Announced ICO [Update 2020]

Last Updated on August 18, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Update 2020: The project is not active anymore.

Digital Developers Fund has announced its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the ICO will run for 30 days from 10th July. The company was founded as “Domain Developers Fund” in 2010  under the Cayman Islands. DDF is well known for holding in digital assets or investing in the domain industry.

Currently, DDF holds 1540 valuable domains such as,,,, and also DDF has some country .net domain names such as and DDF has a total net asset value of 3.3 million USD. DDf has chart leading sales, for example, for 170,000 USD.

There are more than 320M domains are registered today, but only some domains are with a short name, descriptive, and easy to remember which are counted as the high-value domains. In the future, these domains are sold in high value. But sometimes people lose their high-value domain because of no skill and knowledge about “trading Domains”.

World of the crypto coin was started in 2008 with the idea of Bitcoin, after bitcoin success, there are many more cryptocurrencies are launched. More than 700 crypto coins are there in the market. But not every coin survives in the market because of lack of expertise and skills here DDF  not only invests in known coins but also in upcoming coins and ICOs.

Digital Developers Fund ICO will start on 10th July and will end after 30 days or until all tokens have been allocated. To provide a balanced platform of ICO to small and large investors DDF team has decided to not provide any bonus for early investors.

1000 DDF =  1 ETH

Digital Developers Fund ICO has ethereum based token total token cap that has 247,500,000. 70 percent of tokens will be used for the portfolio. 15 percent will go to operations which includes software development, legal, and marketing. And the rest of 15 percent will be stored in a  reserve fund, a mixture of 25 %  BTC and  25%  of ETH. A smart contract address will be provided 2 days before ICO start. All unused token will be burnt after ICO.


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