digipulse crowdsale

DigiPulse ICO Review – First Digital Asset Inheritance Service

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digipulse crowdsale

DigiPulse is Estonia based first digital inheritance company. No one want’s to loos his digital assets and we don’t know what will happen with us today or tomorrow. DigiPulse ICO Review.

People want to keep their digital assets within there family and to give their digital assets to the right inheritors, in case digital assets owner’s death and loss of memory. Currently, this project is developed and waiting for Beta release at the end of the year.

DigiPulse tackling the issue of escheatment in the digital domain. DigiPulse works for future generations. Some people loos their digital assets because of loss of memory and they never use or get back their digital assets again. In this case, it takes 3-5 years to get it back with a long jurisdiction process, this is known as escheatment. DigiPulse ICO Review.

By adopting the latest technology DigiPulse monitors users’ activity status remotely and a way to enhance the way of passing digital assets. System check status of users the inactivity period via a desktop app, smartphone app, and other web-based extensions. digipulse price

It decreases time and fees for inheritors to get back their digital assets. Users have to pay membership subscription fee either annum or monthly, this fee is paid by fiat currencies or in DGP. DigiPulse takes information from integration about your activities and stored it in the database. If they find inactivity in your account for long. They contact your inheritor and generate an instruction to get your digital assets back.

DigiPulse Mining is another service provided by DigiPulse. CryptoNote protocol is behind the DGP coins, which was mineable through CPU and GPU only. DigiPulse ICO Review. digipulse price

Every block founded on DigiPulse Pool will be equally distributed to all miners. 12% fee for the pool from which 10% will equally distribute to pro-rata or token holders. The remaining 2 percent will be reserve for DigiPulse for an additional source of income to facilitate the operations of the service. digipulse price

Any user who mines DGP through the pool which was available on DigiPulse will get a free monthly service subscription. DigiPulse ICO Review.


DigiPulse Crowdsale starts on 4th Aug 2017 and ends on 31st Aug 2017

1 DGT Token = 0.004 ETH 

DigiPulse token DGT is ERC20 based token. Tokens will be sent to participants within 1 week from ICO end. Total coin available for pre-sale and crowd sale 16,250,000. (98% of total tokens). DigiPulse ICO Review.

The minimum purchase in ICO is 1 DGT token and the maximum purchase is 6,000,000 DGT Tokens. The minimum cap is 8k ETH. DigiPulse announced Bounty campaigns click here to go. DigiPulse ICO Review.

DigiPulse Contact Link:






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