DENTALFLIX is a blockchain company for dental clinics and the supply chain.DentalfixDENTALFLIX lunched their Pre-ICO on 10th July 2017.

DENTALFIX is a blockchain based company for dental clinics and supply chain. Everyone wants to be healthy also healthy teeth, For any type of teeth problem we prefer to go to Dentist. It is very bad experience when we have tooth-ache we even can’tconcentrate on our work or study. DentalFix is the onlne solution for tooth-ache, we don’t need to waste our time to go dentists and paying more price for same. DentalFix is a online company which works for dental solutions.

DentalFix is the combo of two “experienced” company, CHESS-DENT LLC  and iStom. CHESS-DENT LLC focused on software selling  to dentist or other company. Also this company has specialized in manufacturing best dental products and to sell this product who wants to buy. CHESS-DENT LLC offere franchise of the company, anyone can take part in. Sargey Safronov is a frounder and CEO of CHESS-DEBT LLC. Have expereinced of more than 7 years in startups, products and marketing in US and Russia. And second company iStom has specialized in developing dental software for PC, iOS and Android. Aim of this company to satisfying thier customers by providing secure software and best cutomer support. Anton Borisov is a founder and CEO of iStome with having more than five years experienced in software development.

This two companies has it’s own sepiciality, one has specialist in sales and another one is in developing software. It is better to get combined than work individually, in 2017 Sergey Safronov (CHESS-DENT) and Anton Borisov (iStom)  has decided to merge two companies and expand this in worldwide by using trusted and fastest blockchain technology.  By using blockchain technology it decreased treatment cost for patient’s

Let’s understand how DentalFix will work in below image:

DentalFix management side

DentalFix supply chain side

One DentalFix token is euqals to 1 USD 

DentalFix launched thier Pre-ICO on July 10th 2017.  Minimum target cap for CHESS-DENT’s ICO is 300,000 USD. If company failed to achieve minimum cap amount, will refund all funds to investors. Deposit in ICO will only accept with well known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves and Ethereum Classic. The ICO will run till 30 days from the time when potential investors will be able to deposit from thier personal acount at website The price for one DentalFix token is euqals to 1 USD.

After ICO ends all collected funds will be available to CHESS-DENT LLC. All investors will able to recive their DentalFix tokens in thier “Waves Wallet”. All funds will be paid within two days after end of ICO. This dates may be get changed , depends on process and progress.

Symbol of DentalFix Token: DFBT

Price Per Token: 1 USD

Start Date Of ICO : 10th July 2017

Unsold Token?: This tokens will be burned

Expenses:  5 Percent of total token will be reserved for the ICO administrativecosts.

Management Fees: 2.5 Percent of net profit.

DentalFix has announced Bounty campaigns with 2 percent of total tokens, the rewards will depends on pre-ICO result. The rewards will be paid after the ICO. Join bounty campaign link given below.

Combine Team  of Two Companies:

DentalFix Team

Contact Link: