The only decentralised B2B e-commerce that uses the Blockchain to transform the Latin American continent into one market

UTEMIS launches this cryptocurrency token to wake up the economic life of latin americans. Latin americans are restricted to use their financially economics policies. Because of strict rules and laws which are getting implemented almost daily. This, UTEMIS himself will be one such project in latin america. The idea regarding UTEMIS project comes from a Chinese e-commerce companies. By starting this project UTEMIS aims to remove financial restrictions and economic instability from Latin America.

UTEMIS gives the example of Venezuela, people of venezuela are showing interest in Crypto’s and avoiding their national currency. And really Bitcoin and such crypto currencies are future of economic. According to whitepaper, government of Latin America is really imposing unneeded rules. Like, freezing bank accounts of local people and/or allowing small withdrawals, devaluations of currency, arbitrary financial controls and etc. This types of laws of government will really stop development of country.

UTEMIS team planned to launch an ICO to collect favourable fund to continue with their further projects. The tokens which will get sold in ICO will be liquid only and rest of them will be used to UTEMIS platform. UTEMIS has set target that the price of per tokens may increase from 0.0006 to 1.4 ETH

First UTEMIS works same as other exchange works. But with some extra features. For instance, if you sell your tokens or coin UTEMIS platform will executes sell internally and no blockchain data will be recorded or not in open market. But when you Buy tokens or coins UTEMIS forward the order to an exchange where Blockchain will record and increase in value generated. This is how UTEMIS will work after launch.That is reason why Latin america needs own currency not officially but working.

UTEMIS will be a Limited Liability Corporation incorporated in Andorra. UTEMIS tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain.  UTS tokens are 200 Billion in total supply. 50% of total token will be distributed in ICO and 20% for Pre-ICO. 15% will be alloted to Bounty campaign and referral campaigns. 10% to team members and advisors but this token will be locked for two years. And rest of 5% UTS tokens will be reserve for any future needs.

Token and ICO specification:

Token Name: UTEMIS

Token Ticker: UTS

Total Token Supply: 200 B tokens

Blockchain: ERC20 based Token

Token Price: 1 ETH = 1,500,000 UTS

Pre-ICO Start Date: 15 Feb 2018

Pre-ICO End Date: 01 March 2018

ICO Start Date: 01 March 2018

ICO End Date: 30 April 2018

Minimum Contribution: 0.05 ETH

Payment Accept: ETH only

Team of UTEMIS Project:

According to whitepaper UTEMIS has a best and experience team member. Team members are related to Banking and Business sector. This will help project to reach on moon.

Dr. Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere- Founding member

MR Harvard University, MBA IE Business School and PhD Complutense University. Nominated in top innovation thinker in 2015. Mentor at TechStars. Member of Netexplo.

Daniel Ortiz Uribe- Founding member

OMP IE Business School, Industrial Designer Universidad
de los Andes. Founder of Floresymas, Segurofacil and Mentor at  Connect Bogota region.

Antonio Codino- Core technology member

BA in engineering, 15 years experience as a developer, specialist in SEO.

Francisco Denia- Core technology member

BA in computer science with specialization in SMX, PHP,JS,HTML5.

You can find more information regarding team here on their official whitepaper.

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