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DaxICO is a new exchange in the crypto market. According to coinmarketcap, there are more than 230 active Exchange sites. Many of them are having problems with their security and UI design of the site. Even though well-known sites are not able to secure their exchange site, recently you may know Cryptopia has seen security bleach. Only a few exchanges are able to secure their accounts and users’ funds.

There is also a lack of information regarding using exchange. Mostly it takes more than 24 hours to get a reply from support and it takes more than 3 days averagely to get your problem solved. It also reduces the trust of users from those sites.

Why we should use DaxICO?

The Wide range of Assets: DaxICO exchange site has a wide range of coins for trading. According to the site, there are more than 300 assets will going to trade on DaxICO. Trading on DaxICO is already started, click here to sign up and start trading on DaxICO. You may find all new tokens or coins on DaxICO in the future. Listing new tokens on this exchange is very simple and fast in comparison to others. So we can say it is the place for ICO tokens to get traded. Currently, BTC-USDT is trading with a volume of 3.2 BTC.

Multiple Accounts: Unlikely other exchanges DaxICO allows its users to create multiple accounts on their exchange. Users can create as much as the account they can create. Users mostly want to create their account not only one but more than one. For their different uses, like for saving their crypto’s or business, or trading different coins through different accounts.

Multi-User Support: Any user can grant access of his or her account to their friends or anyone whomever they want. This is one of the best features provided to its users. Mostly all users like to have to use these types of features. This is an attractive feature on DaxICO.

Security: The site is protected by Two Factor Authentication (2FA), users required to pass 2FA to withdraw funds and for doing any major changes in their account. The Daxico supports Google Two Factor authentication and Authy Authenticator. One more interesting feature is users can send/withdraw funds without passing 2FA. Users are allowed to add “Trusted Withdrawal Address”. At DaxICO they don’t use E-mail and SMS authentication because they consider these methods as a less secure method for authentication purpose.

Privacy & Spam Protection: Unlike other exchange sites DaxICO never asks their users to share their email or phone number. Also by not asking these details, there is no chance that any third party is going to use your email or number for spam purposes. Each and every site is nowadays selling users’ data to the third party. Users required to generate mnemonics recovery seed at a safe place. Because it is the only way to access their account.

Free P2P payments: Users can send any amount of crypto to their friends or known persons with a 0.00% fee. There are no fees for miners or confirmation fees.

Forum & support (supportive forum): DaxICO has a forum section where users can find the latest news regarding project and plan. Also, you may ask for help in a forum if you have any issues. Or you can get more knowledge regarding the platform from the forum. One of the common options is open support and ask for help. Go on support and open your ticket. you will get a reply within a day or 24 hours.

Coin or Token Listing: As DaxICO is already running the project, users can submit any new coin or token which they want. Click on Get Listed and fill the form. You will get contacted within 24 hours from the DaxICO team. The listing process is not much harder in comparison to other exchange sites.

Free Token (Bounty campaign): users can earn free tokens by joining bounty campaign hosted on Bitcointalk. Bounty campaign will get ended on 11th March 2019.

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