Crystal Clear Services- Revolution in offline services

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Crystal Clear Services ( CCS ) is a revolution in ofline services by bringing  a latest technologies from the online indstry to oflline services, which removes non-transparency from the work wheel of services. Most of the offline services in major cities for the public are available on internet and Crystal Clear Services is on their path to revolute this. Lets understand current problem of services with  example taken from whitepaper of CCS website. For example, the market volume of cleaning services to the population in Russia is more than 1,000,000,000 $ per year, and in the US its over 17,000,000,000 $ and the growth potential of these services is more
than 20% per year. In existing system public can’t find performance of work, no feedback will available because either they not publish feedback or they delete it.

The Crystal Clear Service team has spended many years on the reading and understanding  current problem and had experience in both publish as well as government customers sector. By using latest technoloy in Crystal Clear Service  the platform will 100 percent transparent and decentralized.

Main Features of Crystal Clear Service :

Decentralized and Transaction: By using latest or blockchain technology Crystal Clear Service  will become decentralized and transparent platform.

Real information: The reputation, eview and recommnedation about user will available there.

Bonuses: Writimng feedback, recommendations, participation in court and affiliate programs are the ways to receive bonuses in Crystal Clear Token (CTT).

Usage of Decentralized IPFS: By using Inetr Planetary File System, platform will minimize the load from Blockchain and accelarate the interactions. Data array will be hashed and stored in IPFS system and only extract with hash code.

1 CCT =  0.01 ETH

Initial Coin Offering will start on 1st Sep 2017 and will end on 1st Oct 2017. Early birds will get bonus of upto 40% . 10,000,000 total Tokens will issue and 1 CCT is equals to 0.01 ETH. Minimum cap is 5,000,000 USD. 50% of total fund will alloted to system developement and future usage. 25% for marketing. 15% financial and legal issues. 10 % to teams and other supportive member as a team.

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