Cryptosolartech – Blockchain with solar energy

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Cryptosolartech – Blockchain with solar energy

Cryptocurrency ( Cryptosolartech ) is having a high time and has made its way to almost every country of this world. Last few years have been a life-changing year for cryptocurrency as after seeing the boom of bitcoin many other cryptocurrencies joined the market. Blockchain got stronger and intrigued many ventures to utilize this technology for better purposes. ICOs are happening every day and every ICO presents a unique solution to this world but nobody addresses the issues miners are facing. Cryptocurrency doesn’t come from the sky, it is mined with heavy computer equipment which utilizes a lot of electrical power.

Miners have set up their mining computers all around the world and the major problem is the electrical consumption and power loss. When everyone was eyeing on a different project, Cryptosolartech presented a unique solution for all the miners with blockchain and solar energy.  Cryptosolartech will build solar farms that will generate enough electricity to mine different crypto assets for all type of customers. Hence, reducing the electricity cost, building a blockchain based solar mining pool with less transaction cost, high transparency and decentralized bankability have made Cryptosolartech stand tall among other ICOs.

Cryptosolartech will have its plant in Seville (Spain) because it has good weather conditions and great sunlight to generate generous photovoltaic energy. The pool will have the capacity to generate 45000KW and mining farm will have 3000 mining machines. The token holders will have the access to mine crypto assets through rented hash power. Cryptosolartech will have several solar plants in Seville that will supply the energy to miner farms. A Token Generating Event (TGE) will be launched which will sell the Cryptosolartoken (CST) to people who want to have access to rent the crypto miners.

CST is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. A total number of 1126 Cryptosolartech tokens will be emitted with the initial value of €0.05 per token. Like most of the ICOs, Cryptosolartech will also have a private sale and public sale. Private sale is already ended and it generated a good amount. 80% of the total tokens will be available for the ICO and rest will be held for the team and other bounty programs. CST is a utility token and it will not be used for any other purpose. A major part of ICO earning will be used for the development of facilities and platform and the unsold tokens will be burned. Currently, Cryptosolartech is in phase 3 of its ICO and it has successfully completed its first two phases.

Every successful ICO has a strong and experienced team behind. Team composition is the most important thing that an investor looks for before investing. Cryptosolartech has pretty much balanced and a composed team consisting of Pablo Alonso, Alain Aguirre, Antonio Arranz and many others. Pablo has been the CEO of other companies before and has vast experience in management and IT. Cryptosolartech has experienced team with the bunch of young guns. Moreover, all of the team members are verified and can be contacted through LinkedIn. So, the project looks pretty good with the unique concept that will solve many problems of the miners.

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