Cryptonaut – A Tournament-Powered Crypto Fund

Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by CryptoCreed

As forex trading becomes more and more popular today, there are more and more forex brokers getting into the industry to service the demand, and thus leading to a proliferation of forex trading platforms in the market today.

As the trading platform is the backbone of the forex trading activities of any forex broker, it is one-of-the the most important factors to consider when you wish to start a trading account with a broker.

How can you ensure you are selecting a trading platform that can best meet your needs, bearing in mind that an unsuitable trading platform can be disastrous to the way you trade and in fact to the eventual trading outcome- whether you are profitable or losing money in the trades?

Regardless of whether you are just beginning to trade and are looking around for a suitable crypto trading platform, or whether you are already trading, but would like to review the suitability of the crypto trading platform.

Cryptonaut is the world’s first competitive crypto trading platform where a large number of traders and quants compete for ETH rewards in trading tournaments and data modeling challenges. Controlled by this huge behavioral data pool we are building a proprietary investment fund (will be set up after administrative endorsements are set up) and we will be launching a marketplace of behavioral trading signals, algorithms, indicators, and institutional data feed. The token sale will begin on February 12, 2018.

Cryptonaut will develop and offer access to a wide selection of trading signals, supplied by both its tournament engine and its hosting of crowd-powered predictive modeling competitions. Furthermore, Crypto traders, quants, and data scientists will have the capacity to submit and adapt their own particular speculation procedures and signs by means of the Cryptonaut marketplace. Every client submission is precisely screened and backtested by the Cryptonaut team as indicated by a strict set of criteria, ensuring that only the highest-quality trading strategies are offered on the platform. Clients can set a month to month BTC or ETH membership charge for each of the signs they list.

The establishing team of Cryptonaut has profound experience building gamified trading interfaces: previously, we launched and scaled UpTick into one of the world’s largest competitive stock trading games with 150,000 user accounts, more than 2, 000 completed competitions, and 2.5 million executed trades. We have gathered a strong team of advisors, including those with profound backgrounds in artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain engineers, and a wide network of crypto marketing and strategic connectors. Together, we are growing Cryptonaut into the world’s biggest and most active trading tournament platform.

In conclusion, most of the well-known crypto trading platforms are pretty even in terms of what you are going to get. And the bonuses offered in each. The one thing that I recommend is that you follow experts advice, if you have X amount of money to invest which is the best crypto trading platform to invest it in, this will give you the best insight into where your money is going. But the main thing you need to remember is the best crypto trading platform in the universe may not help if you do not invest your money wisely.

For more info about cryptonaut visit their website and official whitepaper.

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