Copico Coin ICO will available on Mercatox Exchange

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Mercatox exchange site will run ICO for Copico (XCPO). Copico is a unique coin on its own. Copico is a privacy-centric master node coin backed by an appetent team. You may find there are lots of altcoins with their fake strong promises and over of their roadmaps. Some of them creating their coins for scamming people and loot people and some of them are not able to continue because of a lack of knowledge, courage, and other reasons. Because of these types of coins many people loos their trust in ICOs and Investors may lose their money.

According to Copico website, what is Copico?

Copico is a POS/Masternode coin which is privacy focused crypto currency with lightening fast secured transactions. Our platform aimed at acquiring, adopting and accomplishing discontinued altcoins to create a healthy ecosystem

But there are many signs which say we can trust Copico. Copico intends to revive the sidelined altcoins by adapting their ideas and accomplish their roadmaps to lift off its value.

Copico has some goals to achieve them, they are…

  1. Build crypto markets clean and attractive.
  2. To increase the value of discontinued altcoins.
  3. To make every initial investor of relinquished altcoins happy and wealthy.
  4. Attracts new people towards the Crypto market.
  5. To create a healthy market environment.


Copico team has a skilled and well understanding team members. While developers are working on tasks that allowed them according to roadmap Copico will simultaneously work for the Copico individual development.  Copico team aims to make copico the most secure and reliable source of digital money transfer with lightning-fast transactions. copico coin

Copico will work as an all at one place. Copico will build Exchange site, Blog for the latest news, and e-commerce site for crypto lovers and game corners for game lovers. copico coin

XCPO Coin specification:

Coin name: Copico

Ticker: XCPO

Premine: 100 000 000

ICO: 980 000 00

Bounty: 500000

Total supply: 200,000,000

Coin type: POS

Contact details:








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