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CoinDrive is the perfect option for traders and gamers. This ICO will offer the user the possibility to trade, store and invest virtual assets like in-game values. The beauty of this coin is the fact that each player can be a big part of it. If you are a gamer and even an amateur trader, this coin will offer you the chance to convert any in-game asset to a cryptocurrency asset. You will be able to make profit by doing so and the best part is that you will have the chance to gain a lot of coins.

The project is special because it will let the user to handle virtual assets and use them as an investment tool. By doing so, the user will have the chance to earn some additional money while playing games. If they don`t earn money while playing games, the users usually lose interest and their enthusiasm over that game. Thanks to CoinDrive, gamers will have the chance to use their abilities in order to become investors.

Coindrive was created for a lot of audiences such as investor, gamers and even entrepreneurs. This wallet is connected to social networks with an adjustable rules system that can be easily customized to fit the needs of wallet owners and even public investors. The technology that this coin uses is also one of a kind. It will integrate Slack, Facebook and even Telegram chat in the future. This ICO is the best one for gamers because it will help them a lot in order to earn some additional cash. The gamer will be able to transform the items in a game into a cryptocurrency asset. Every gamer can easily become an investor with this coin. Entrepreneurs are also interested by this coin. There are a lot of projects that are designed to work with this coin. These people will have the chance to engage in transparent and open discussion with other individuals in order to establish some activities.

If you are a trader, than you shouldn`t miss out this opportunity. This ICO will certainly become one of the best known on the market because it will be adopted by a lot of gamers. Another thing that you need to know regarding this ICO is the fact that the total amount of the coins will be 18M. The price of a token is 1 USD.

Coindrive ICO

To make things simple, you have to know that this project is intended to be made especially for gamers. As the gamers will earn a lot of items in the games that they are [playing, they will also be able to earn this coin. CoinDrive will offer them the opportunity to transform the items of the game into actual coins which they can use in order to gain other coins, such as Bitcoins. This will be a pretty simple coin to get and it will certainly become an easy way for the gamers to earn some additional cash. It will be quite fun to get some coins.

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