CoinDash- world’s first social portfolio management platform.



Nowadays, Internet is money making machine, there are various ways to make money on internet out of them online trading is very interesting, interacting and profitable. Online trading is basically act of buying and selling financial products through the online trading products. There are various different platform and ways where you can perform your skills in online trading. Trading is not always profitable, it’s depends on your knowledge, skill and almost luck. There are many blockchain based application,some are easy to use and some are very hard to use. Blockchain application should be acceptable for  newbies.

CoinDash is world’s first social portfolio management platform. CoinDash is a place where you can manage your crypto assets or coindash works as operating system of crypto assets. CoinDash helps you to trade your assets in most profitable and effective ways. The current crypto investment platforms tools are not offering much effective tools for trading. But with CoinDash you can get analyse other traders. If you are new in trading then you can copy other traders strategies or you can analyze other traders performance to get your invest in better way. The main goal of CoinDash is to interacting, handling , easy and accessible trading.


CoinDash Ecosystem


Interactive portfolios are needed to manage crypto assets.CoinDash provide deep insight report of your investment and it helps to make data driven decisions.

Social Interaction

Social interaction are a key part of the crypto world. CoinDash’s social network features remove barriers between new and existing users and allow them to follow and copy trade of other users.


Marketplace is built around opportunity discovery and streamlined trading
UX with features like real-time social trading signals, an ICO dashboard, trending
assets, real-time market price tables and 3rd party integration.


CoinDash is borderless trading platform, coindash have not trading hours, crypto assets are traded around the clock. CoinDash have a unique feature CopyICO, which allows you to automatically participate in ICO’s . Little trading friction, traditional assets are heavily controlled. Crypto assets on the blockchain offers built-in transparency, are currently less regulated, and issuing and trading are more inclusive and open to anyone. Anyone can issue their own crypto assets with few lines of code.


CoinDash Team will announce their  Initil Coin Offering (ICO) in july 2017. To get update of ICO, subscribe here 


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