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For years, a worldwide trend has been growing, which is in fact the growth of the car market. This growth comes together with a high demand for towing services, which is a market of about 26 billion dollars already. This markt hasn’t been automated worldwide, so this leaves some space for a new player in the towing market: CarTaxi.

Cartaxi is a revolutionary solution to this demand for towing services. CarTaxi aims to automate the towing away of cars through blockchain technology. Many countries or specific areas inside of countries do not have efficient, fast and safe car towing services, making CarTaxi a true gamechanger.


One of the first things that comes to mind, is: “How the heck is this going to be done? Blockchain in a Car Towing service?”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, with Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain ofcourse! If you’re in need of a towing service, all you have to do, is open the app, enter your car’s information, be appointed the right towing service, after which you only have to choose between sending the money with a credit card or paying with cash and then you simply wait for the towing service to arrive.

In the meantime, a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain will be made, which will only release funds after the towing service is completed. 10-20% of the money goes to the CarTaxi company, as fees. Soon, you will also be able to pay with CTX tokens. More information about this is avaiable on cartaxi ico review

Simplified, it would look like this:

If your car breaks down and you can’t fix it quickly by yourself, you can use CarTaxi to get the right towing service, by simply entering some information, after which the rest is handled by the Smart Contract and the Towing Service. The payment can currently only be done with cash & card, but CTX tokens will be accepted soon too. cartaxi ico review.

Does it work?

Now we know that the plan is quite reasonable… In theory! But does it really work in reality aswell? That’s the hard part of the whole plan ofcourse (Which is found on, where it is explained a bit more in detail). So will CarTaxi succeed in that too?

It already has! Earlier this year, it was released in Russia already and it definitely works over there. With over 33,000 registered clients and 6700 suppliers, it’s more than just a “theoretic project”… It really works!

And that is whilst CarTaxi has only been known in Russia for a few months.. With plans to expand to the Chinese and American markets and after that into the rest of the world, CarTaxi has a great future ahead.

How do I obtain CTX tokens?

Tokens can be obtained in the Pre-ICO, the ICO and soon they will be avaiable through other means aswell. Sadly, the Pre-ICO is over already, but luckily the ICO hasn’t started yet. The ICO will give more tokens to early investors and to people who invest larger amounts of ETH.

The ICO will offer almost 500 million CTX tokens (about 67% of the total), which will cost 0.000443 ETH per token at first, but you can get a bonus of up to 30% if you invest more than 1000 ETH on the first day of the ICO.

More information about the ICO can be found on the site:, which also contains a useful calculator that shows the possible and expected profits of the project in a nice graph. The ICO is starting in 4 days, so be quick!

Is it wort hit to invest in CarTaxi?

In my honest opinion: Hell yes! Like I mentioned earlier, the car towing market has a value of about 26 billion dollars. CarTaxi aims to dominate 20% of this market, which comes down to about 5 billion dollars. With a total of about 750 million tokens, there is a potential for each token to grow to a value of multiple dollars and even more if the market grows above 26 billion, which is very likely, or if CarTaxi’s market dominance rises above 20%. cartaxi ico review.

And besides all that, CarTaxi will also pay dividends, which means even more profit! On the site (, there is a calculator, which shows you the possible profits and dividends. cartaxi io

The Team

Lead by CEO Taras Semenov, CIO Alexey Tayanchin, CFO Gala Kovaleva, and CMO Ksenia Moller, the team looks quite professional and capable of leading this project to succes. The company has multiple offices, which include some in Russia, China and more. View the whole team on their site:

CarTaxi APP

Cartaxi app is available on Play Store and APP Store.


In short, this means that CarTaxi really is a capable project. A market of 26 billion dollars, in which a company, that is already becoming quite known and succesful, is claiming its share. Although the company is mostly known in Russia at the moment, CarTaxi has progressive plans of providing this modern service to the American and Chinese markets soon and later on, the rest of the world will have to cope with it aswell.

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