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Buy bitcoin Online and different methods explained in detail

Buying Bitcoins is not easy with your debit card or credit card, or  PayPal, depending on your countries jurisdiction and some website does not support all countries to buy or sell Bitcoin. But as the popularity of Bitcoin is growing very fast, some bitcoins finds the way to Buying Bitcoin. For the US, Coinbase and Indacoin are best suitable and as they allow to buying Bitcoin through CC. We posted here some posts related to, ‘How to Buy Bitcoin’.Using Credit Card(CC), Debit Card, PayPal or through your Bank!

This guide is for newbies, or who don’t know what to do and where to go to buy Bitcoin.

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Choose Wallets First

The first thing you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. We published an article on the best Bitcoin wallets. We suggest you use hardware wallets for more safety. The best windows wallet is Electrum wallet. You just need to keep passphrase and private key safe.

Buy Bitcoin using PayPal

Now buying Bitcoin using Paypal is possible, there are many sites which allow users to buy Bitcoin by using PayPal. But there is a problem in buying Bitcoin through PayPal with an individual person. Because in PayPal there is an option of dispute, where the buyer can recall his sent fund, He may excuse to PayPal that he didn’t receive Bitcoin and as Bitcoin is not easy to trace buyer may get refund and Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin using Credit and Debit Card

This is the finest and easiest method to buy Bitcoin because of most of the people are aware of cards and they know how to use it. Cards are also the fastest method to buy Bitcoin. But the con is it takes many high fees and sometimes your data goes in Bad hand.

Most trusted place to buy Bitcoin using Cards is Coinbase, Coinmama, and LocalBitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin using WIRE transfer

WIRE is the slowest bust safest way to purchase Bitcoin it may take more than 3 to 4 days. There are several sites which accept WIRE as the mode of payment. Coinbase, Kraken, and BitStamp. These sites allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin using WIRE transfer.

Buy Bitcoin using Cash

This is one of the fastest methods to buy Bitcoin and it doesn’t need much private information. Also, fees are considered very low. There are only a few sites which allow users to buy Bitcoin using Cash. They are LocalBitcoin, BitQuick, and libertyx.

Buy Bitcoin using ATM

Most of Bitcoin ATM only allows you to buy Bitcoin but there are few ATMs which allows users to sell their bitcoin too. The reason for using ATM is it is the fastest and doesn’t need much information but ATM takes a bit high fees. Coinatmradar helps the user to know if they have an ATM in their area.

NOTE: You may find more designed information on various sites, they mostly are promoting other services or sites. Here on cryptocreed we never promote any fake projects or services in our posts or article.

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