BowHead Health – World’s First Medical Device ICO


BowHead ICO on 17th July 2017


Bowhead ICO

BowHead is a Canadian based company which offers the first blockchain based medical tools. BowHead is a team of an experienced and skilled member which include medical doctors, software and robotics engineers, biochemistry and data scientists, designers and wellness coaches. The supplements which offered by the bowHead in the market are vegan, gluten, and disruptive fillers and manufacturers in pharmaceutical grade facilities in Japan.

Here BowHead play a lead role to keep us healthy, BowHead believes in personalized and secure healthcare is possible to everyone. From last 18 months, the BowHead team has developed some working prototypes. This tools are easily get connected to the internet and can stream the health of anyone at home and it provides information about health, this is based on blockchain technology which helps to keep their data anonymous and give advice to users what to do or not. These instruments receive data from some other biometric sensors used by customers for ex. wearables, health tracking app, heart rate monitors, blood pressure devices, pedometers and some other smart devices. So there is no need to go to hospitals and pay a high fee.




According to Per Deloitte’s 2017 report, healthcare market at the global level may reach 8.7$ Trillion USD in 2020. It means global healthcare market index is increasing 5.1 percent per year. In 2010 medical instruments are sold in the global market of worth 350$ trillion which may increase to 450 USD trillion in 2019. Also, investors are taking more and more interest in medical technology to invest. This is an era of technology or digitalization and in this era, we have to move with time. Health insurer companies are taking online surveys to know dosage recommendation and inventing new and profitable tools for their customers like to monitor fitness and heart rate, some health companies are providing their customers with Apple Watches and some companies are invented a smart scale which maps customers body and sends data to their smart phone or connected devices. But still, these technologies are vulnerable to hackers.

How to use? Users get provided a blood prick similar to glucose test. Users have to insert the cartridge into the side of the device. The device uses computer vision to determine reagent strength and signal. Licensed doctors give advice to users based on report reading. And at last, it monitors and stores all data in Blockchain technology.

The blockchain is the best way to keep records or any important document. This health records can easily share with organizations, institutes or in any universities. The representatives of institutions came to contact BowHead team and ask for records which they willing to get. Patients have options to participate in the clinical study upon consent. If any patient giving permission to participate in the study and they have full control over it. Patients will have access to the BowHead network of healthcare professionals, it means patients information is centralized within him and without his permission, no one can use it, please refer white paper (11)to know more about it.

The mobile software application will out in few weeks, the mobile app is necessary to use bowhead tools. The bowhead team speculated an advance version of the mobile app will available for iOS and Android with some amazing features. This app is easy can get connected with BowHead devices. Compatible with fiat credit cards. Easy to track medicines and supplementation. Notification and reminder system enable. Private chats. One click buys of supplements and diagnostics tests and much more.

BowHead Mobile App

BowHead announced crowdsale on 17th July 2017

BowHead ICO  is not available for citizens of US and Canada. Maximum supply of tokens is 100M Wave based token. Early birds may get up to 23 percent bonus which will decrease with time. 40M tokens will be allocated to crowd sale which will deliver after 2 weeks of crowdsale. 40M tokens for anonymized patient data and it will lock for 1 years, and 20M tokens will equally distribute between nodes, doctors, and scientists, laboratory, and management team.

BowHead launched bounty campaign on bitcointalk users can join here.


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