Bounties Results

Here is the name of the bounties and results of the bounties. We are only adding bounties which are listed here. We will check bounties status and will update this list accordingly.

AidCoin –  ICO raised 14,333 ETH, Bounty tokens distributed, Listed on exchanges.

Datawallet  – ICO raised 40$ M, Bounty token distribution will proceed within 1 month, listed on exchange.

MODULTRADE  – ICO raised 10,500 ETH, Tokens are distributed if you not received your then PM bounty manager.  Not available on exchange.

ugChain – No news on ICO, No news on Token distribution, Available on exchange.

CREDITS  – ICO raised 23923 ETH,  Bounty finished. Token distribution is not proceed yet.

HOLDME  – Maybe scam because no fund raised in ICO and no response on thread.

Gladius  –  Hard cap reached, Token distribution done, Not available on exchange.

C   –  Scam  we already said Bounty manager is not trusted.

TOR-Q-ALL – Bounty ended no proper info regarding ICO and payment for Bounty.

Darico – ICO running, Bounty finished payment sent.

Tigereum – ICO finished,  Bounty payment sent, available on coss exchange.

NEBEUS – Bounty finished, ICO running, payment sent to users.

StakeIt – Bounty finished, available on exchange.