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Tip Blockchain Announces Addition of Blockchain Heavyweight Jasper Hellmann to Advisory BoardToronto, Canada – March 1, 2018 – Tip Blockchain Network Inc., an innovator in the blockchain space developing end to end cryptocurrency solutions for end-users and merchants, announces the addition of Jasper Hellmann to their expanding advisory board, ahead of their token sale in Q2 of 2018. Jasper is the Co-Founder and CMO of Envion AG which successfully raised $100 million in their recent ICO. He is a high-performance marketer who also previously founded and marketed the largest international music festival chain Holi Festival of Colors and a
$30 million e-commerce startup.

Tip Blockchain Network Inc. is resolving the problems users face in using cryptocurrency for day to day transactions by creating innovative blockchain solutions. Their platform boasts features such as user-friendly usernames as addresses, instead of cryptographic hashes, search and discovery of other users on the platform, and a cryptocurrency point of sale system for merchants. All these features are powered by the Tip blockchain: The first indexed and searchable blockchain which allows the attachment of metadata to accounts and transactions. Find  out more about the project and their upcoming token sale on their website
and social media channels.

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