Bitcoin Browser ‘Brave’ Raises $4.5M,Readies for 1.0 Launch

$7M to Build a Better Browser


Brave,a Bitcoin based browser that’s looking to change the game with micropayments,better security and revenue sharing,Brave has announced raising $4.5M in a seed round investment from leading VC Firm including Digital Currency Group.

Brave Software,a start-up reinventing the browser as a user platform for speed,privacy and micropayments,announced today that it has raised a 4.5$M seed around investment from leading venture  capital firms and angel investors.Participating in the round are Founders Fund’s FF angel,Propel Venture Partners,Pantera Capital,Foundation Capital and DIgital Currency Group.

Jay Reinmann,Partner at Propel Venture Partners say’s “We are proud to a partner with Brave.We belive in thier mission to fix the BROWSING experience and are excited brave is using the Blockchain to better support publishers and pay users.

This round of funding wil be allocated towards platform development and growth.This brings total funding of amount 7$M with previous angel funding from Private Investors.

Dan Morhead,CEO of Pantera Capital,added:

“Pantera is thrilled to be partnering with Brave to bring an enhanced user experience,privacy,and security to the browser. The Brave is bringing an innovative model where users and publishers can get paid in real-time micropayments using the blockchain. We believe that Brendan and his team are the best suited to execute on this vision.”

Brave’s New Vision

Brave is a new open source browser for desktop and mobile that blocks invasive ads and online trackers to provide faster and safer web experience. Unlike traditional browsers,Brave has a built-in-ad-blocker,so no extension needed,which means faster page loading time and good performance as well as protection against advertisement which are infectd with malware.

“The amount of information that online advertisers are able to gather without consent is staggering,”explains by Cyan Banister,Partner at Founders Fund.”As more people become aware of these threats to their privacy,their will be huge demand for Brave’s Technology in future.

On the desktop,Brave provides a 40% to 60% speed increse,and a 2x to 4x speed increase on mobile device.Mobile users see direct reduction in both battery and data plan consumtion.

Brave is partnering with BitGo and coinbase to provide wallets and purchasing tools for brave ledger



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