BETEX – P2P Binary Options for crypto users

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  BETEX P2P Binary Options

What is Betex and how does it Work?

Betex is a revolutionary peer-to-peer platform for financial derivatives trading, thanks to Ethereum smart contracts. The binary options will work as the primary derivatives, to begin with. But first of all, it is necessary to understand what the binary options are.

Binary options are an instrument for financial derivatives. They make traders anticipate the correct direction that towards which the price of an asset will move. That is to obtain an advantage for future traders.

Not like trading the traditional binary options, Betex user’s place bets against each other.

Betex eliminates the problem of needing to trust a third party by imposing clear-cut transparency for economic markets.

Betex is looking to introduce business that is completely incorruptible for value systems. With that, they will not only improve the safety of investing, but they will reinvent binary options as well.

What advantages does it bring the Betex model?

  • You don’t require deposits and automatic withdrawal of your funds will be ensured.
  • The traders have a lot of benefits, for example, the traders who accurately determine some future changes are rewarded with about 95% of the funds, and if they have success, traders’ gains are going to depend on the radio of the rights and incorrect outcomes.
  • 50% of the platforms’ profits that are made from the commission are distributed between Betex token holders.
  • The traders can access and work through: the web-based interface and mobile applications (which are still in development).
  • The investors can interact with the platform through their personal dashboard.
  • The platform uses ERC20 tokens. Thanks to them being stored in the Ethereum blockchain, the results are virtually impossible to modify.
  • The common pool of liquidity
  • This system permits quick connection of the brokers who contribute to maintaining high liquidity, and it definitely ensures the increase in the income of the platform in a short time and at low costs.

Betex details

  • Commissions from each transaction are earned by Betex. The percentage of said earnings is 5% of each transaction.
  • The platform users get immediate access to all of its functions and features without having to make any deposits first.
  • Each payment is released by a smart contract. Once released, the withdrawal happens immediately and straight into each user’s ETH wallet.
  • The Ethereum network allows for up to 100,000 transactions per day. Said value is obtained while considering the average load of the said network.
  • The development of this platform will allow more revolutionary financial products to the market that will be built on the same principles of transparency and ease of use.


BETEX token  specification and ICO details:

Token name:  BETEX

Token ticker: BETEX

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  10,000,000 BETEX token

ICO start date: 01/03/2018

ICO end date:  15/04/2018

ICO Rate of token:  3$ per token

Minimum purchase in ICO: 0.5 ETH

Token distribution details:

Token pre-sale #1: 5%

Token pre-sale #2: 15%

Main token sale: 30%

For brokers (lock for 6 months): 10%

Bounties: 2%

Reserve for future: 8%

Founders and team (lock for 6 months): 30%

Contact Details: 








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