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BeOne — is an innovative decentralized online education platform that enables people to make money by sharing skills, knowledge, and experience.

BeOne is an revolutionize in education by providing an innovative decentralized online education platform. where users can earn money by sharing their skills, knowledge and experiences. BeOne is based on blockchain technology ehich ensure stability and security of platform or of users. Users or students can get immediate answers of their questions by taking part in webinars and consultations. Users can meet people from other place and can make or join interest groups.


Students need motivation:

According to reports, more than 90% students are not completing their courses on Udemy and Coursera. Because here students has to learn by themselves  which needs dedication, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Lack of personal contacts to teachers and fellow students:

Online education cannot provide opportunity to develop teamwork skills, social skills and self-confidence. Because of the litttle contact with teachers and fellow students.

Publishing a course is costly for authors:

Publishing courses online is not free, mostly all online platforms charging high price for publishing a course. For example, Udemy charges 50% of authors earnings for publishing a course.

Language barriers:

Almost every online platforms and their courses are available in english language and the instructors are also english speakers. If you have intermediate level of english may fail to understand and learn.

Low quality courses:

Some courses are very lengthy to complete that it takes more than 9 hours to complete. If they don’t have basic knowledge of the subject may fail to understand whole course.


Solutions for Instructors

Low commision:

Publishing a course on BeOne platform will cost only 10% of authors earnings. Expensis related promotions, transaction processing and website support will bear by platform.

Cutting-edge tool to create courses:

BeOne offers a unique WYSIWYG tool to create various courses in an easy and fast way.


Solutions for Students

Interactive videos and tasks:

Instructors will be able to create videos and expand them with various tasks and quests.
After reading a chapter, a student will need to answer the questions contained in the video. This will show whether a student absorbed and understood new information. Plus, it will help users reinforce new material.

Custom recommendations:

BeOne platform will be able to analyz users behaviour and can track users interest and offers them relevent content.

1:1 Consultations:

Instructors can provide individuals consultations, this builds trust between a teacher and a student and create freindly atmosphere that ecourage learning.


Instructors can arrange live webinars for their students, students has a chance to learn from their houses and students can ask their questions after broadcast.


Here is reason why BeOne decided to run initial coin offering

By raising funds, BeOne will be able to gain a foorhold in the market, attract quality users, develope platform more relevant way and mobile apps for iOS & Android and attract top authors. 50% of raised funds will be spent on marketing.

B1 tokens are WAVES based tokens

ICO starts on 7th september 2017 and ends on 7th october 2017. BeOne issue 10 million B1 tokens out of this 90M of tkens will be available for investors and 10% to team mebers. Investors can participants to purchase B1 tokens using BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, WAVES. Early birds has a chance to get 50% of discounts.

B1 = 0.50 USD


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