BelugaPay ICO Review: Launch Your Digital Bank Now [Updated 2020]

Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by CryptoCreed

According to the World Bank’s Financial Inclusion Database, as of 2015, almost two-thirds of the populations of just five countries – Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Colombia, and Peru (a combined 630 million people) – remain unbanked.

A decent digital payment ecosystem is one that empowers monetary consideration, an ecosystem that enables all citizens to take an interest in the development and improvement direction of the economy.

The key partners in the digital payment scenario are numerous – internet service providers, technology providers, mobile network operators, payment system operators, banks, and retailers form the actual players in the market. The digital transaction system enables banks to expand their client base by bringing down expenses and risks. Banks can lessen money logistics by 10% using cashless installment exchanges.

Telecom and web access service providers gain by expanding client retention, higher incomes through value-added services, and so on. Retailers and service providers benefit through quick access to a bigger base of clients, better payment collections, and so on.

There is a collaboration between the digital world and the financial world that should be exploited effectively to give the final benefit to the customer. Be that as it may, in the meantime the government and regulators of banking, anti-money laundering, payment systems, media communications, competition issues, and all shape the earth in which the digital payments business model functions.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer incredible opportunities to change that. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies in which encryption and registry systems, regularly called blockchains, are utilized to regulate the generation of currency independent of a central bank.

BELUGA aims to leverage these new technologies to develop an open-source asset transferring platform. By thus providing the tools for small businesses and their customers in developing countries to go digital, BELUGA’s mission to help the unbanked billions become part of a newer, better, and fairer global financial system. BELUGA will be fully compliant in every jurisdiction it operates in, with strict Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering processes.

Belugapay Team Launches Pre-ICO

BelugaPay is a mobile point of sale system that will accept crypto, credit, and debt. In Mexico, Beluga is called “Espiral” and has more than 200 live merchants, an association with Banorte (Mexico’s biggest domestic bank), and live card processing certification.

Beluga acquired an exclusive, perpetual, global license to Espiral Technologies S.A. de C.V. furthermore, their group, to extend its payment technology to new regions.

BelugaPay will repeat their effective model in creating nations with sufficient technology (cell phones), high level of unbanked citizens, and was lager, occupant organizations have not changed over merchants to modern payment methods. belugapay ico.

Belugapay Login Points Benefits

BELUGA Point of Sale, BELUGA Restaurant Edition, and BELUGA Peer-2-Peer and BELUGA Payment Data suite platforms will enable transactions in Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. You can buy or sell your products and services in Fiat and before. All of our platforms are made to run on a common BELUGAPay Blockchain in order to give a unified experience to merchants and to make their life easier.

Beluga believes that the largest opportunity for development is in the developing countries where the technology exists (cell phones), nonetheless, competition from the large conventional incumbent organizations has not converted a majority of the unbanked merchants. belugapay ico.

Beluga also believes the world can be a better place with open and validated payment solutions to connect merchants, consumers in hybrid crypto, and traditional banking environment.

BelugaPay price: BelugaPay is not trading now since 2018.

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