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The cryptoCurrency market has huge numbers of community which was increasing daily. From the last few years crypto community saw many new coins and crypto tokens, we can say the crypto community saw a deluge of new coins and tokens. But not every coin or tokens are survived to get the potentiality of the market. Sometime’s team has no clear vision about their project or they don’t have a communicative team.

Autoria has introduced a new cryptocurrency Autorium (AUT). AUT is the world’s first supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency. AUT is the same as other cryptocurrencies worked. In large ICO’s big buyer’s whales own the vast majority of the tokens, this disturbed the whole functional economy. Sometimes big buyers take control of mining but in the case of AUT big buyers can’t control AUT’s mining because hard-capped limits prevent by doing this. This shows transparency of AUT’s and make it the first truly immutable POS crypto currency.

Autorium token was built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is automatically self mining ERC20 token. Instead of distributing mining nodes autorium will distribute permanent mining wells before autorium is circulated, which takes gueswork out of mining. Which remove unnecessary expensis of mining hardwares. Autoria was designed in a way which not required heavy hardware to mine autorium. Autoria mines coins automatically. This is inovation or new economic paradigm into cryptocurrency market. As autoria was built on ethereum blockchain we ensure transparency. To claim the mining wells users have to join in Independent Coin Offering, these wells will permanently be registered to users ethereum wallets.

Autoria team may launch their own Autoria Gambling Game, games includes Roulette, Lottery, and Dice and may add more games. Users can play the games through Autorium tokens or through Ethereum.

Autoria tokens may get listed on exchanges, Autorium will be listed on exchanges in two phases in first phase tokens will be available on exchanges after the crowd sale and in phase two tokens will get listed on exchanges after a short time of phase one. Exchanges like livecoin, novaexchange, cryptodao, etc will be added in phase one, and in phase two exchanges are bittrex, poloniex, bluetrade, bter, etc.


Autoria’s Initial Coin Offering will launch on 14th July 2017, less than four days are left from now and will end on 4th Aug 2017. Users can join here . To ensure diversity of Mining well address investing in the project has been limited for individual is to 100 ETH during the crowd sale. The ICO token price of AUT will be 17500 AUT per ETH, this price may change after one week of crowd sale, if the ICO cap has not been reached token price will increase by 30 percent. The deposit will accept only ETH and top receive your AUT your wallet must ERC20 compatible wallet. Investors in crowd sale will get autorium tokens when crowd sale will reach a critical milestone, fourteen percent and eleven million us dollars in AUT will be distributed after completion of the goals.


After the completion of crowd sale, AUT tokens will distribute between charity, investors, marketing and etc.  Fourteen percent will be distributed to Investors, Forty percent will reserve for Research and development, it helps for future need for developing and innovating platform. Operating expenses will get twenty-five percent and twenty percent will be reserved for marketing or bounty campaigns. And at last, the rest of One percent will be distributed to charity.

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