AutoBlock – Buy and sell cars with crypto coins [2020]

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Blockchain is the fastest growing technology around the world. Everyone wants to utilize blockchain technology to run their business simpler and to provide services to customer swiftly. AutoBlock team is utilizing blockchain technology in right way.

You may never heard before, buying or selling cars through your cryptocurrencies. But now it is possible because of AutoBlock. Buy using AutoBlock platform anyone can buy and sell by using their virtual currencies. This will be easy, fast and secure way to buy or sell cars.

According to whitepaper, AutoBlock team is building a POS system and a bespoke exchange for those car dealers who are facing problems. By using this services dealers can easily use cryptocurrency as mode of payment. Also fiat too. Dealers can cash out those cryptocurrencies in any other currencies either crypto or fiat. This services are usable through desktop, POS devices or any mobile.

The reasons why car dealers must use crypto for business:

Fast transaction approval.

Secure and intransferable

Transaction fee is lowered

More customers compare than fiat.

All the data’s available on site are accessible for every users who willing to know about details of cars.

Use cases according to demo data reports:

  • Government agencies: Using API, improve transport infrastructure
  • Insurance companies: Vehicle specification in few minutes.
  • Valuation for insurance camp.
  • Valuation for buyers and sellers of used cars.
  • Specifications data for private  buyers and sellers.
  • Fully manufactured to till data of vehicle.’

This information will be asked from users are Age, Make, Mileage, model, Major repair it has undertaken, Physical damage, past insurance claims.

Token and ICO Details

Token name: AutoCoin

Token ticker: ATC

Token price: 0.25$

Soft cap: 5000 ETH

Hard cap: 40,000 ETH

Allocation of funds

Development: 23% of total funds allocated to R&D. For developing platform.

Endowment: 30% of total funds will allocated for POS system and autocoins buy back scheme.

Trade connect: 11% for acquisition of care operations, insurance companies and etc.

Operations: 10% for daily usage.

Marketing: 8% of funds will be allocated on marketing and advertising.

Legal: 7% of funds will be used for legal actions.

Bounty and rewards: 6% will be allocated to bounty campaigns and incentives.

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