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What is aQuest?

It is a decentralized application which pays their users for completing a certain simple task. Users can earn AQU tokens by completing a tasks.

Why we need aQuest?

aQuest aims to provide a platform where users can earn money in digital tokens for their done tasks. aQuest claims there is no such site which provides an integrated and automated solution for digital payments for tasks.

aQuest is developed by Entronos DOO a digital strategy company based in Slovenia organizes the AQU token selling phases.

aQuest can be used on different digital tasks like social media interaction, completing surveys on user product feedback, for marketing airdrop. The team will target industries like ICOs, STOs, blockchain sector, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, large-scale retail distribution point of sales, department stores, communication agencies, fashion, Ho.Re.Ca., touristic, mass-brands, finance and SMEs

aQuest helps users in building their own Quests with innovative and intuitive cloud-based tools. This is simply because it is easy to access from any devices. Therefore creating and managing quests can be easily performed from any place of the world. Those all quests will be integrated with Enkronos Apps.

Benefits of using aQuests:

Secure: aQuest is built on top of the Enkronos Apps stack and smart contracts to regulate signes for ERC20 quests.

Accessible: There is no KYC and no restriction on joining aQuest.

Mobile APP: will launch their service for mobile devices first.

Variability: There are a variety of tasks are available on like Surveys, Bounty tasks, Facebook like installing an app and etc.

Payment methods: A signee can get paid in ERC-20 tokens. In future, Paypal and credit cards will be added.

Token distribution

36.11% Distributed to community

43.59% Locked and reserved

12% Founders and Team

6% Advisors

2% Bounty campaign

Funds allocation

30% Advertisement and PR

25% Development

20% Internal business

20% Integration

5% Legal, IT and Admin

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