AlgoTradingFund Review: Platform of Algorithmic Trade

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Many people have started making their buy and sell decisions using a system called algorithmic trading, which is based on high-level mathematical models. This system allows the user to calculate the risk factor of each trade and then develop a strategy based on the risk and potential market trends. Investors who develop a firm understanding of this method are able to make more accurate predictions of future market behavior. You won’t need to spend hours analyzing data because algorithmic trading provides market information that can be easily read and understood.

Trading algorithms center on the two-pronged question of when to trade and how to trade. When to trade is determined by changes in the market that lead to opportunities in trade, which means keeping a careful eye on fluctuations in market patterns. How to trade is a question of placing and managing your orders in order to maximize your potential gain.

AlgoTradingFUN is the platform of algorithmic trade (robots) and in view of its services, which were made to reject the negative human influence on decision-making processes, capital administration, and execution of applications. We utilize the know-how of trading algorithms, neural networks to enhance the viability of trading robots, investigate the effect of quantum algorithms and calculations on the processes of capital management. The platform was initially made to furnish customers with the greatest scope of every single accessible market and trading tools. Considering the development of the blockchain technology we coordinate every one of our assets for transferring the platform to the blockchain technology and executing special services for customers aimed at achieving an even higher level of trading processes transparency for clients, operations security, unwavering quality of every one of customers’ transactions and trade results, the security of customers’ capital.

When you buy ATF token you purchase to get to the right of our robots to trade on your capital and give extra services using robots. AlgoTradingFUN robots as of now convey profit to our customers, consequently, your investment in our ITO is the help of the current services with the targets of expanding the turnover of exchange robots of USD 40 million in 2018, USD 200 million in 2019, USD 400 million in 2020, and the objective to make a turnover of USD 1 billion out of 2021.


Making our AlgoTradingFUN project we laid the accompanying standards for ecosystem development. In 2018, we will exchange the ATF platform with blockchain technology. For what reason do we do this? We trust that all transactions of our services, from the enrollment of the customer in our ecosystem to the way toward charging and discounting tokens in light of the consequences of our services, ought to be straightforward to our customers. To do this, all our exemplary customer server solutions and services should be changed into a blockchain network. We intend to change the essential services in the 2nd– third quarter of 2018. What’s more, the entire chain of procedures crafted by customers with our solutions and technologies we mean to finish in the fourth quarter.

What services would you be able to get when purchasing ATF TOKENS?

  • Access right of our robots to trade in your capital
  • Right to receive trading signals from robots
  • On the off chance that you need to trade with our robots yourself, we will provide a service to set up the robot’s parameters for your trading
  • The right to form portfolios for you for long/medium/ short-term investments by robot-manager.
  • Access appropriate to a member area for you as a trader or your store supervisor to construct your business to deal with the capital of your customers utilizing our robots and some more

Why our services are reliable

  • Every robot has a loss restrain on the customer’s capital (it is set by you before the start of participation) and a measure of loss for the transaction. Along these lines, the robot can’t lose more than this breaking point.
  • On the off chance that the robot stops to work for reasons unknown, for this situation, there is a robot-supervisor that screens the execution of solicitations of other robot executers.
  • The technical solutions on which robots are composed are situated on the external cloud services of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. That gives unwavering quality, security, and strength of the robots and assurances to the customers that their information, their cash means will be dependably ensured.
  • The system of capital risk management is worded such that even after a progression of unfruitful transactions on certain instruments, others will profit. This empowers our robots to demonstrate their steady flow in the development of profit on the customer’s capital.

In addition, to control by the robot-manager, there is an operator that can interfere in the process of your trading with our robots.

You can find more information here, whitepaper

You can also contact me here: bitcoinTalk.

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