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RIVETZ a fully integrated and decentralised mobile cyber security token


In digital world security is vital problem for every users, if your security is not tight enough, you may will lose everything include money and personal data or informations. Hackers are using many ways to hack user’s account and informations. More and more people are using mobiles for personal and business uses but they don’t know how to secure their devices. Security of your device is not only your responsibility also app and service providers have to look in problems and to solve it.

Even your antiviruse and better internet connections are not enough to secure your devices and there is no guarantee given by any antivirus authorities that we will sure secure your device. Hackers can defeat some antivirus’s easily.  This will ibnterupt your life. This is reason why we should join Rivetz community and secure our devices.


TEE or Tusted Execution Environment, Rivetz using TEE to protect their users informatuion and devices. this system may get easily used in every devices. Hackers are not able to steal private keys of device owners. TEE provides protected application of police that governs the use of key or RvT tokens. It works like a private hardware or like a vault on your devices. It has not related with your opearing stystem. You don’t need to download any apps or software or login to browsers or anything else. Rivetz silently secure your private data’s like documents, pin code’s, images or video and etc.


Rivetz’s tokens RvT. RvT tokens are based on blockchain technology, so security and anynonymous are their. RvT works with the blockchain to cryptographically prove that the vault in your phone is secure, all the way from the manufacturer to your pocket. The RvT blockchain can perform a health check, verifying that your vault’s integrity is intact, and that transactions you send are exactly the ones you intended.

Rivets token represents a pivotal moment in history. For the first time devices can be enabled with tamper resistant hardware with attestation capabilities. This means that security can now be measured and delivered at the transaction level and at the authentication level. Assuring the devices that help us work and play every day can keep our secrets safe and assure the transactions are not altered.

Rivetz provides assurance, Rivetz utilizes the hardware security embedded in devices to truly secures customers’ devices and transactions from being exposed, and protects software development companies from financial exposure and public embarrassment. It proves Attestation, Health And Integrity by binding the health and integrity of the device to a transaction.

Rivetz Crowdsale start’s on 10th Aug and will end on 10th Sept

Rivetz Crowdsale ICO

Rivetz is successfully launched crowdsale on date 10th Aug 2017 which was going to end on 10th Sep 2017. Rivetz has already raised 40,000 ETH  within 10 days from ICO start.

20% bonus is available now, users can buy 366.67 RvT per ETH. Minimum cap is 70,000,000 RVT tokens. After the end of ICO price of RVT will be 333.33 RVT per Ethereum, grab your bonus to get benifit in future.

200 Million RVT tokens is in total circulation. Out of them 70M tokens are available for crowdsale. 60M for marketing and incentives out of them 50 percent will avaialble now and rest of locked by smart contract for one year. 70M tokens will reserve for future use.

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