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openANX – Application of Decentralized Exchanges


Recently numbers of decentralized exchange enters in virtual market. But most of them failed to perform because of poor interface and bad team work, while some of them succeed but not for long time because they failed to keep balance between their project and blockchain. Also many people started with the aim of only black earning. Now we have new project in market is openANX, which provides their users exchange without central authority.

Hugh Madden, CTO

“ANX firmly believes decentralized exchanges will dominate the cryptocurrency market. We plan to lead the march toward this future through openANX, which will be fully open sourced, transparently governed, and kickstarted by ANX’s technology, experience in operating an exchange, infrastructure, and wide network of users.”

openANX is a new decentralized crypto exchange will launched with good team effort. The openANX platform will take advantage of technical development on the Ethereum blockchain in a way of payment channels channels (Raiden, 0x, Swap, ERC20) and utilize them to
overcome the challenges faced by the current CEM. It will co-opt the strengths of the existing model to improve the existent decentralized exchange attempts by linking existing exchange platforms (“Asset Gateways”) to the network and enforcing a collateralized deposit system that will provide users with a way to measure risk. It will also provide an off-chain, legally enforceable dispute resolution system to provide much needed consumer protection. In short, it will utilize latest technological advances and peer-reviewed and implemented open source code.

The key deliverables of openANX :

  • Migrate existing exchanges to the role of collateralized Asset Gateways, bridging
    fiat to tokens in a collateralized, transparent manner
    • Provide credit risk trading to allow price discovery and a market “voice” of
    gateway creditworthiness
    • Provide dispute resolution to access collateral in the event of disputes
    • Aggregate order books using ANX International’s (“ANX”) proprietary
    “aggregation liquidity IP”, and merging the liquidity of participating Asset
    • Complement the wave of “token only” decentralized matching engine projects
    which otherwise would not have fiat support, and hence further increase liquidity,
    and accessibility for the general public
    • Both order book and Peer-to-Peer (“P2P”) Over the Counter (“OTC”) order
    • Migrate ANX International’s existing user base to the new platform, ensuring a
    critical mass of initial users; and then growing a consortium of new and existing
    exchanges committed to migrating to the openANX model

OAX tokens and ICO

The openANX DAO

At the core of the openANX platform is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is run by smart contracts. The governance model affects the way the DAO behaves, thus always staying in the best interest of all participants.

OAX token can used in exchanged for memberships in the DAO and its association. The participated members have some privileges including but not limited to voting privileges on major operational decisions relating to openANX platform. Members dont have any economic rights of the foundations, also members will not entitled the owner of any distribution of profit nor claim on any assets.

The openANX Initial Coin Offering will start on 22nd June. There are total 100,000,000 OAX tokens. out of  this 30,000,000 (30%) tokens will sold on first ICO.After release of a successful prototype second token sale will held of 30,000,000(30%) tokens. 20,000,000 tokens will available for project matter and the left 20,000,000 tokens will distributed to directors, advisors and early backers of the project.

openANX Team

  • Hugh Madden, CTO
  • Dave Chapman, Leadership and operations
  • Liam Bussell, Marketing
  • Ken Lo, Strategy
  • David Tee, Finance


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