List of bounties

Read before join:- This is the just list of Bounties campaign, We are not promoting any campaign.  As this is just a list you may not find more information here but yes you can find more info on their website, whitepaper and announcement page.

Mostly bounties end with ICO or Pre-ICO, this is your responsibility to check start date and end date. The dates added are may get change by Bounty managers or devs. Some time we are adding end date is ICO end date.

Sometime maybe we predict that this or this campaigns are scam but maybe they are not.

You can bookmark this page for daily update, also bookmark your favourite Bounties so you can’t lose them.

List of Most trusted Bounties, which are added after reviewing them.

ACChain Ends date: 4 weeks from today. Only twitter, signature and telegram bounty. Trusted

List of All Bounties, this bounties are not reviewed by us

This Updated: 21 Jan 2018

CircleNet End date: 25/02/2018 Fb bounty only.


This Updated: 20 Jan 2018

BEETLECOIN Scam they have virus in their wallet link. Join on your own risk.

EFFECT Bounty Thread. Required to fill registration form here. From outer works looks trusted.

CVPROOF End date: 28/02/2018 They received good response on their Bounty thread within 24 hours.

ACChain Ends date: 4 weeks from today. Only twitter, signature and telegram bounty. Trusted

This Updated: 17 Jan 2018

IMIGIZE  End date: 08/06/2018 1 IMGZ = 0.22 USD Budget 2% of total token sold.

DID  End date: within 4 week  Budget 18M DID token=18,000 USD


This Updated: 16 Jan 2018

etcetera  End date: 15/03/2018

KINDERCOIN  Only translation bounty for following language: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian.

CRIP.TO – Hardware Encryption for Fearless Communication    They don’t have proper information.

Savior  They have to update thread with more information.

Gimmer  Looks trusted

This Updated: 15 Jan 2018

Fuzex    TaaS team invested 500 ETH in this project. Trusted

Dether   1 ETH = 4400 Signature campaign only Looks trusted.

BITRACE   Campaign manager is not trusted anymore according to feedback on his profile.

BlockBits  everything is available on their website.



This Updated: 14 Jan 2018

Otcrit   1 ETH = 5000 OTC  Budget 8% of total token.

CryptoBnB  1 Ckey= 0.04$  Budget 1% of total token.

Victorium  Signature campaign only for one week.

DexTronCoin  Only signature campaign.



This Updated: 13 Jan 2018

ERZ Twitter campaign only

DeepWaterToken      1 DWT = 0.0005 ETH Bounty campaign is available on Bounty Guru platform.

 iOlite   End date: N/A
LEGOLAS  Only signature campaign Paying in BTC.
DEBITUM End date: Feb 2018

This Updated: 12 Jan 2018

NaPoleonX End date: N/A Reddit campaign only.

ArcBlock  End date: Feb 2018   Token Price: 0.00053 ETH

This Updated: 11 Jan 2018

VARcrypt  End date: N/A

Team Saske Translation Bounty

PHOSCOIN  Signature campaign only.

Tutellus  End date: 31/03/2018  Signature and social media bounty only.

The Movement DAO  Only twitter campaign. Trusted

vectorzilla  End date: Pre-sale will starts in 4 days.

Velix End date:  28-02-2018

ECOS End date:  15-03-2018 Only signature and translation campaigns.

Sp8de End date: 11-03-2018 Looks trusted 

CompositeCoin End date: 30-03-2018 Looks trusted 

Quantum1Net End date: End march

This Updated: 09 Jan 2018

FARM  End date: Pre sale is now live.

Moonlite  End date: Live for 8 weeks from today.

Tru Reputation Network End date: In near april

UNILOT End date: Rules are not straight.

BITTO Exchange site  End date: N/A

Electronic Dollar Only few bounties are available.

This Updated: 07 Jan 2018

GameX  They don’t have much info on bounty.

Poseidon  They need signature designer

This Updated: 07 Jan 2018

NewsToken Maybe scam they have more than 5K followers and have only one retweet or like. Also ANN thread is also empty.

ONZ Coin End date: 04-03-2018

SAGA End date: N/A translation and signature design bounty. Must complet translation within 7 days.

Crafty  End date: N/A

This Updated: 03 Jan 2018

DOVU End date: 31-03-2018 Only article creation.

CRYPTECTUM End date: 18-03-2018 Only signature and translation campaign.

Сrassula  End date: 10-02-2018

Pegasuscoin  End date: N/A

ASTORGAME End date: 14-03-2018

MFG End date: N/A


This Updated: 03 Jan 2018

MangoStartups They created thread but Bounty is not started yet. Bounty campaign may start in mid feb.

YourBlock  02/19/2018 Looks trusted

GBCoin  End date: 04/28/2018  Looks trusted 

BeneBit  End date: 04/30/2018  Looks trusted 

DenCity  End date: 04/28/2018  Looks trusted  Only twitter campaign 2 weeks left.

ZEEPIN  End date: N/A Most of bounties are available on their website.

REPUX  End date: 34 days left

LETBET  End date: N/A  Create  your wallet here.

Handelion End date: N/A For now signature campaign is only available.

MACHTCOIN End date: 04/28/2018 Paused for now. Looks trusted 


This Updated: 01MM/01DD/2018YY

Xmoneta  End date: 04/30/2018

Luven  End date: 04/28/2018

AlgoTradingFUN  End date: 02/08/2018

IQeon End date: N/A

BioritmAI End date: 02/13/2018 Rules are hard.

ExtraCredit  End date: 02/08/2018 Only signature campaign. Only for senior and above with low reward.

iShooK  End date: 02/08/2018 You can’t apply for translation campaign because he(jamal) already have permanent translator whom he pays in BTC at low rate. Campaigns is paused.

FundFantasy End date: Feb 2018

APA End date: N/A You can’t apply for translation campaign because he(jamal) already have permanent translator whom he pays in BTC at low rate. Campaigns is paused.

SciCom  End date: 02/08/2018

Healthureum End date: N/A Looks scam, they have more than 12K followers but don’t have much like or retweet activity even after having more than 12K followers. Also they dont have ann thread but they written or added ANN thread without links.

Ignite  End date: 01/22/2018


This Updated: 12MM/31DD/2017YY

TENOCOIN  End date: jan 2018

Daneel End date: 02/23/2018

Ethereum Moon  End date: N/A airdrop and bounty on same page. only twitter and translation bounty.



This Updated: 12MM/30DD/2017YY

AirdropAlert end on 14th January Chance to earn upto 500$. Most trusted.

SnapCity  End date: Feb 2018

COINPLACE   End date: N/A

TruePlay  End date: 04/30/2018

Castle no end date available .  Title of thread is Airdrop but inside that thread Bounty details is available.


This Updated: 12MM/29DD/2017YY

MMRS End date: N/A

HNY End date: N/A

TIM End date: feb 2018


This Updated: 12MM/28DD/2017YY

Covesting  End date: 03/15/2018

Cube End date: 03/15/2018 only twitter campaign this is.

LYMPO    End date: Pre-ICO is in january.

The Realty Coin End date: Pre-ICo is live and end after 22 days.

FreelancerCoin  End date: N/A

This Updated: 12MM/27DD/2017YY

ALGORY   End date: 01/08/2018 May Be trusted 

TokenStars   End date: Near 2 month  May Be trusted 

Pareto End date: Pre sale now live will end after 18 days. Spreadsheet here.

LUXCESS   End date: N/A  Paused for now.

Fire Lotto  End date: N/A Social media, Blog and signature campaign only.

vinnd  End date: 02/18/2018

Ethearnal  End date: more than 2 month left.

IZETEX   End date: N/A  unique project


This Updated: 12MM/26DD/2017YY

ELLCRYS End date:  N/A Only telegram campaign.

SEOcoin  End date: N/A Coin is already available on exchange.

OILMiner  End date: N/A Coin is already available on exchange.

MDL  End date: 04/10/2018

ExtraCredit  End date: 03/14/2018

REPUX End date: N/A

Altair  End date:N/A



This Updated: 12MM/25DD/2017YY

BITLENDCOIN End date: 01/30/2018

COIN-BET  End date: 01/25/2018

TROTACOIN   End date: N/A

Ethorse   End date: N/A Only telegram Bounty link this is.

Symmetry  End date: 3 weeks from started

Graphene   End date: 01/10/2018




This Updated: 12MM/24DD/2017YY

Bezop  End date: N/A

HighRewardCoin End date: 02/20/2018

APA  End date: N/A  Not started yet. Updated above on date 01-jan-2018

Gimmer End date: Feb 2018

Smart Valley  End date: 03/18/2018

HITSCOIN  End date: N/A

BOON End date: N/A

Bobsrepair  End date: 02/02/2018

This Updated: 12MM/22DD/2017YY

Eristica  End date: 02/02/2018 Looks trusted

Fabric  End date: 02/02/2018 Self moderated thread, Risk

MimiCoin End date:  Feb 2018

PlayBets End date: April 2018

MIRA  End date: 02/28/2018 Looks trusted

Pincoin_Social  End date: Jan 2018

CrowdMachine  End date: 03/23/2018   Looks trusted

ASTRCoin  End date: N/A

THEKEY  End date: 02/21/2018

INTENSE  End date: N/A  only signature and aircrop available.

DUBTOKENS  End date: 02/25/2018  self moderated thread.

Gelios  End date: N/A

Bitroad  End date:  Jan/Feb 2018  Looks trusted

Zipper End date: 01/04/2018

Ecex Exchange  End date: 04/19/2018

ATFS  End date: N/A  Looks trusted

Tigereum End date: N/A

HADA  End date: N/A

WorldCoin  End date: N/A

Giza   End date: N/A

This Updated: 12MM/20DD/2017YY

Real Property Token   End date: About 1 month ethplorer addy not received any ETH

MeetnGreetMe   End date: 01/10/2018

Pareto  End date: more than  month

Stockus  End date: March 2018

NTOK   End date: 02/25/2018 Looks trusted

NODE  End date: 04/15/2018

CEDEX End date: 02/21/2018

SALPay   End date: 12/31/2017 10 days are left. Looks trusted

DCX  End date: 01/30/2018


This Updated: 12MM/19DD/2017YY

Acquaint  End date: 02/10/2018 self moderated topic.

xCHAINge  End date: 02/10/2018

This Updated: 12MM/18DD/2017YY

LIX COIN  End date: May 2018

This Updated: 12MM/16DD/2017YY

Coin Lion End date: 02/10/2018

MOVEMENT  End Date: 02/07/2018 Looks trusted.

Dimensions  End Date: 02/24/2018 

Stockus End Date: March 2018

GLOBCOIN  End Date: 01/31/2018 

REPU   End Date: N/A

STREAMITY End Date: 04/29/2018 

SWISSBORG  End Date: 01/10/2018 

Real Property Token   End Date: N/A

Abyss  End Date: N/A



This Updated: 12/12/2017

Hdac    End Date: 12/22/2017 Payment in BTC

Envion   End Date: 01/14/2018 

e-Chat   End Date: Almost near 20 days left, not sure.

Adbank  End Date: 01/21/2018

SIRIN LABS End Date: 12/23/2017

Revoil  End Date: N/A

INS ECOSYSTEM End Date: Not fixed date, but near 15 days left.

EtherGreen  End Date: N/A

Bonum  End Date: 02/25/2018 

TOKENPAY  End Date: N/A ICO is very slow, maybe this project get failed.

Crowd Genie End Date: not available Only Signature & Twitter campaign.

ARCONA  End Date: Near two month.

DARICO  End Date: 12/22/2017

ARBIDEX  End Date: near 40 days looks copy of hoqu website

Home Loans End Date: 02/09/2018

Hoqu  End Date: ICO is running few days left.

BitCore  End Date: no end date, only signature & avatar campaign.

Refereum  End Date: 02/08/2018

COTTAGE  End Date: N/A

This Updated: 12/11/2017

StakeIt      End date: N/A

NEBEUS   End Date: 12/31/2017

Tigereum   End date: 12/18/2017

DARICO     End date: 12/22/2017

TOR-Q-ALL    End date: 01/23/2018

C    End date: 12/15/2017  Bounty manager is not trusted.

Gladius  Network      End date: 01/14/2018

Abyss    End date: 01/24/2017

STAKINGCOIN    End date: N/A  no more info, looks spam

HOLDME  End date: 12/15/2017 Have Airdrops too

YORITEX     End date: N/A maybe in January 2018

AdMINE    End date: 04/20/2018

ugChain   End date: N/A Almost dead.

CREDITS    End date: 02/15/2018

MODULTRADE    End date: 01/27/2018

Datawallet    End date: N/A

AidCoin   End date: Mid February 2018


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