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Exchange Union Coin – Bridging Digital Currency Exchanges Globally

Exchange Union Coin roadmap

There are more than 1000 Crypto currency in digital worlds market with more than 100 Billion USD market capitalization. More than 70 percent of total trading volume is covered by Europe and Asia. This two continent’s are biggest market for crypto currency. But in some region it is very low acceptence of digital currency or only few digital currency are available there with high buying fees. This make investors to join  “limit invest” programs.

To make everyone equal in digital currency community, James Wo launched Exchange Union Coin. The platform bridge digital currency exchange equally to all and realize cross exchange trading, cross exchange clearing, deposits and withdrawal between varies digital currencies and assets. This improve efficiency and performance of exchages and make it available in suitable price.

The question here arise is how they will do this.  The Exchange Union Coin  offers discounts on transaction fees  on every deposits, withdrawal and or trading. Also this platform provide deals on credit and on margin trading to bridge exchanges in all terms. And soon the team will built Exchange Union Chain by sustaining the ecosystem.

Three vital benifits of Exchange Union Chain.Transaction on Exchange Union Coin Chain is faster than any other chain it take less than 1 second to get transactional confirmation. It is build by leading digital currency exchanges, consesus algorithm is secure and credible. It is very cheaper in compae to other chain’s, no transaction fees was there  on Exchange Union Chain.

You can see here Technical mechanism and Architectural diagram for Echange Unoin Coin.

Exchange Union Coin

Technical process,  according to whitepaper there was a two technical step.

First step: You can invest your digital currency in any exchanges. The platform will make strategic investment in digital currency exchanges in order to build the union. Cooperation will built in beetween of Union members. XUC will available on exchanges. Sharing of information will be executed  by HTTPS/WSS/FIX. The transaction fees for trading will be divided between two exchanges , exchange A and exchange C. With following terms and aggreement within the Union and will make real time clearing. XUC has a every different  type of digital currencies, it is as a universal coin.


Exchange Union Coin roadmap


Second step: The Union will build the Echange union Chain and set its own consensus algorithm. The transaction will only considered as a valid when 80 percent of Union will approve it. It take less than 1 second.

Exchange Union Coin  has a two global partners. Huiyin Blockchain Venture, It’sld famous blockchain venture capital. Having 80$ Million funds for first stage and over 20 companies worldwide.  Some investments are gives 5-10x profit from Unocoin, Brave and Bitso. Second global partner is Jinsheng Capital, It is a first licensed private equity management institution in china. Having more than 4$ Billion in assets.

1 BTC = 4600 XUC & 1 ETH = 380 XUC

Exchange Union Coin announced Initial Coin Offering on 7th Aug 2017 which ends on 31st Aug 2017. Minimum cap is 100,000,000 XUC and Maximum cap is 600,000,000 XUC. The larger investors may get upto 20% discount on token. Only accept ETH and BTC. Click here to join bounty campaign.

James Wo is a founder and chairman of Board of Huiyin Blockchain Venture

Mikael Wang is a former CTO of BTCC.


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