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There are numbers of blockchain based technologies in the market, some of them launch to make profit and some to help the community in different manner. Developed and most developing countries are enjoying the benifits of this modern technologies. But the countries like africa or slow developing countries  are not able to use this technologies. Even after potential growth lies in africa for ex. explosion in growth of ICT in africa and also africa is growing market for cellular categories, mobile subscribers are increased by over 50,000% from 2 M in year 2000 to over 1 Billion in 2016.

Cryptogene is a vibrant community dedicated to spread the benifits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the african continents. Cryptogene aims to educate about same to african peoples, help to adopt this technology and implement too.


Cryptogene aims to built multi platform hub for sharing acquiring knowldge, development of blockchain tools for everyone, either individual or organizations. Internet is not common in and for african individuals. Also many peoples in africa are not aware with internets to remove this circumstances from africa and other non developed countries Cryptogene was launched.


Here is what Cryptogene is doing for african’s and other developing or underdeveloped countries.

  1. CryproGene Digest: As above we said cryptogene’s aim is to spread the words of blockchain to newbies. Cryptogene will works same as wiki for blockchain. Not everyone is aware with this awesome technology and sharing awareness about blockchain in countries like africa is not easy task because of the lack of education and some other “unsocial”problems. But new generation of africa is ready to acquire the knowledge of new technologies and utilise it in way.
  2. CrytoGene Spiel:  Cryptogene talk or cryptogene spiel is a social media forum for communication and information dissemination. Where people get interect with each others and share their ideas. Inviting others members to organized social events. We can say it is same as BitcoinTalk forum but it is tokenized and special for african people.
  3. BlockMart: Cryptogene is one step ahead in technology for african people as well as whole world. Cryptogene Mart allow administrators, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and retailers who would accept crypto’s as a form of payment for their exchanges to utilize the Mart. By using blockchain tools  business integration becomes faster, easier and on-time process than before.
  4. Havene: To avoid cross border exchanges problems and to waiting for exchanges to get accept CGT currency. Cryptogene will come with own exchange platform for digital currencies.
  5. Cryptogene Silk: Cryptogene build allows members to share their ideas related blockchain or crypto and get crowd-funded for start up. Also, if  the owner of the idea requests such developers and service related providers could pledge their inveolment. Also, allows members to post a concept and let the idea be developed by community members by brainstorming.


Total issues token is 50,000,000 CGT out of which 50% will distributed during initial coin offering phase. CGT is waves based platform. Minimum cap is 1$M and maximum cap is 2.5$M. Crowdsale starts on 24th september anf will end after 2 months. 0.1$ per CGT.

Cryptogene Team

Bashir Aminu, Co-Founder

AbdulHafiz Ahmed, Co-Founder

Ruth Iselema,  Director

Chioma Vivian,  Press & Public Relations

AdeBambo Odumosu, Project Manager

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