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Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android Devices – 2017

Mobile wallets are easiest way to keep your Bitcoins with you. You can read our post on best bitcoin wallets all time. Mobile wallets are not safest wallet for keeping your bitcoins because there are chances to get devices stolen, lost, break down and flash delete and also sometime mobile devices get hanged with viruses which may cause of loosing your coins.

But you can keep your mobile wallet secure by creating backup files of your wallet, here different wallets provide different types of backup files like seed phrases. If you keep your secret words then you can get your coins back anytime and in any device.

Mycelium  Mobile Wallet

Mycelium wallets considered as one of the safest and complicated bitcoin wallet. Mycelium wallet is only available on mobile devices they don’t have desktop or windows wallet. You can also use Mycelium wallet with a  hardware wallet too. Devs are very active and upgrading wallet with new features constantly.


Airbitz is the open source wallet which launched in early 2015. This wallet is only available for android and iOS devices. Airbitz has no fees except you have to pay bitcoin network fee. You can send multiple transaction at once on this wallet.

Samourai Wallets

Samourai wallets are launched by focusing on security. For safety purpose, this wallet will not appear in the “Installed Apps Lists” or in the Launcher in your phone. This wallet has Tor support plus allow VPN integration. This is easy to use for newbies.

Jaxx Walletjaxx

Jaxx wallet is an multi currency wallet you can store your Bitcoin,ETH, ETC, Dash, LTC and many other crypto currencies. Jaxx is not only mobile device wallet its also desktop and window wallets and also run on other platform too. The problem is here that Jaxx wallet is not open source wallet. Don’t deposit large amount of currency in this wallet.

Breadwallet Wallet

Breadwallet is one of the best simple using mobile bitcoin wallet. You need to keep “recovery phase” words at safe place to recover your wallet when you lost your device or anything else. This wallet comes with two option send and receive to use.

Remember: Never keep your all bitcoin at one place or one wallet, don’t use mobile wallet for storage you can use mobile wallet for daily transaction. Accept every security option like two factor authentication and seed phrase word.

Bitcoin wallets for Windows, Android and Hardware wallets.

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